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Brielus Colus
Home City Cheydinhal
Race Imperial Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Brielus Colus

Brielus Colus is an Imperial found in the city of Cheydinhal.

Related QuestsEdit


During the quest:

"I may be sleeping in this tent by myself. Jena refuses to leave our house, battered as it is. If you heard that thing groan with every breeze, you'd be sleeping out here too."
Brielus, Apphia Matia is carrying your child. Congratulations.
"Keep your voice down! Apphia was a mistake, a one-time thing. That's why I sent the fool girl away.
If my wife finds out, she'll carve me a new smile! Take this and forget all about it."

After the quest:

"Don't judge me. I had a moment of weakness. It won't happen a third time, I promise!"
So you sent a pregnant woman off on her own?
"Hey, it was the best thing for everyone! Well, it was the best thing for me, anyway. Jena would kill me if she found out.
Apphia's a tough girl, she can handle herself. I gave her a knife. And a good horse."
Alone. In the wilderness.
"Yes, yes, I'm not proud of what I did. But I told her to go to Castle Alessia; she has relatives there. She's probably there already, safe and sound.
Now go away, before Jena comes around."