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Elder Scrolls Online: Places: Gold Coast / Banks
Anvil Repository
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Gold Coast
Anvil Repository

Anvil Repository is a bank in northeastern Anvil. There are two master safeboxes in the bank. One of them is upstairs, and the other is downstairs. The Bag Merchant, Purple-Plumes, is sitting at a desk near the entrance. Sivguna Rock-Breaker tends the vault downstairs. The desk in front of her has a pile of coins on it. The Anvil Guard downstairs alternates between standing to the right of the vault, to staring at the stairwell and the front door.

There's a side room on the first floor containing a bookshelf and a desk with a pile of coins on it. Upstairs, you'll find countless desks and dressers, as well as a bookshelf. Frunda Wealth-Hoarder balances accounts at a large table upstairs. There are three piles of coins on this table.

Vendors and PatronsEdit

* Presence of this NPC at this location depends on the choices you made during the related quest.