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Location Hel Ra Citadel
Race Redguard Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Aira is a Redguard scholar found at the ruins of Hel Ra Citadel.


"Need Not-Done-HRC greeting."
What are you doing here?
"I charged across Tamriel to get to Craglorn when I heard that the fabled Hel Ra Citadel had finally opened its doors. Any Redguard worth their salt would, to get a chance to see a piece of old Yokuda.
I still hope to get the chance."
What do you know about Hel Ra Citadel?
"The First Era was frought [sic] with warfare between our continent and the land of Yokuda, where my ancient ancestors came from. They built fortresses like Hel Ra Citadel during that time.
Hel Ra is one of the few yet remaining."
Are you with the Undaunted?
"By my blade, never!
They're a bunch of uncouths who enjoy daring each other to fight wamasu bare-handed and drink skooma out of their helmets. For fun. Right now, they're here to brave whatever's taken residence in the Citadel. Good riddance."

If you've completed Hel Ra Citadel, her greeting will be different.

"And so you return! None have done so before—I assume you defeated whatever menace awaited within!
That you return without any of my fellow Redguard pains me. Don't tell me of their fate—I will go and discover for myself."
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