Home City The Hollow City
Store The Shining Star
Race Redguard Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Chef

Afareen is a Redguard chef working at The Shining Star in the Hollow City. She's none too happy about being in Coldharbour and is a little peeved when you call her a "cook". She's in the kitchen area with Romord on the east side of the first floor.


If she is spoken with, she will say:

"If you're looking for something to eat, just give me a moment. I'm not used to these crowds."

As more people arrive in the city she will instead say:

"I think I liked this place better when there were only five of us living here."

After the Planemeld has ended:

"Well, I guess I'm stuck here. Someone has to help feed all these people.
Just my luck, the Hollow City has become a destination spot."
So you're the cook?
"I prefer the term chef. I like to think that my carefully prepared meals make life a little bit brighter in this dismal realm."