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Help the Ordinators get the upper hand against the Daedra.
Zone: Deshaan
Quest Giver: Ordinator Gorili on the high road;
Ordinator Areth in the cavern
Location(s): Eidolon's Hollow
Reward: Low Leveled Gold
The Ordinators are outnumbered. They asked me to reduce Vox's forces to help even things up a bit.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Defeat Daedric and Maulborn forces.
  2. Report to Ordinator Gorili at Eidolon's Hollow or Ordinator Eron in Mournhold.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Your task is simple: kill five summoned Daedra and five Maulborn troops. These enemies are located throughout Eidolon's Hollow. There are plenty of Banekin, Scamps, and Clannfear to kill for the Daedric portion, and Maulborn soldiers are located all over the complex. The easiest way to knock this out is to kill your targets as you make your way towards the wards during Into the Mouth of Madness. Banekin come in groups of three, so if you kill a troupe of Banekin, you'll only have two more Daedra to worry about.
When you're finished, talk to either Ordinator Gorili or Ordinator Eron for your reward. Ordinator Gorili is located inside the cave passage in the Ordinators' camp. If you ride out the Eidolon's Hollow questline to the end without reporting to Gorili, you can find Ordinator Eron in Mournhold after The Judgment of Veloth, where you will be given a chance to take a portal back to Mournhold. At that point, it would be more convenient to report to Eron anyways, seeing as how Gorili is all the way back at Eidolon's Hollow. Who you report to is a matter of preference and what conveniences you more.

Quest Stages[edit]

A Blow for Order
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Cultists and various creatures loyal to Vox lurk in the ruins of Eidolon's Hollow. I need to kill as many as I can to help out the Ordinators.
Objective: Kill Maulborn: 0/5
Objective: Kill Daedra: 0/5
☑Finishes quest I killed a number of Vox's troops. When I get the chance, I should report to Ordinator Gorili outside the ruins or to Ordinator Eron in Mournhold and let them know what I accomplished.
Complete one: Talk to Ordinator Gorili or Talk to Ordinator Eron
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