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This page provides descriptive summary information on all the creatures added by Stirk.



Acrisus (RefID: xx0013D8)
Added by Stirk
Home City Stirk
Species Dog Soul Petty
Level 1 Type Animals
RefID xx0013D8 BaseID xx003A43
  • 8pts melee
  • Minor Loot (15%)
Other Information
Health 5 Magicka 0
Respons. 0 Aggress. 5
Faction(s) Bandit Faction; Marauder Faction

Acrisus is Hannia Kynarius's pet dog. He is very attached to his owner, and will follow her around all day, providing her company during her long outdoor walks. If Hannia dies, Acrisus will be found barking and howling in agony next to her corpse. Like many dogs, there is a 10% chance he may infect you with Witbane.

His devotion to Hannia is not misplaced as she will say: "Have you met my dog, Acrisus? He's just the cutest thing!"


Broken Fang Goblin

All of the goblins found on Stirk are part of the Broken Fang Tribe and therefore members of the Broken Fang Faction. They follow the classical goblin tribe standard: 2 goblins, a skirmisher, a berserker, a shaman and a warchief. Like all other tribal shamans, the Broken Fang one won't respawn. They are all found in Broken Fang Cave.

They seem to be of a particularly adventurous breed, unafraid of venturing out of their base and even raiding on the high seas. They also seem to lack the narrow-mindedness of their Cyrodiilic counterparts and are known to take prisoners during their sorties. Once you free Jean Ciscotte from the tribe he will tell you: "I thought I was saved when I saw a boat, and was helped into it. As I passed out from exhaustion, I saw that the face looking down at me was not a man's but a goblin's." Helga Open-Legs will also tell you: "But I saw something in the wreckage: a smaller boat. I considered climbing into it, as I had seen some men do. Then I saw those wicked creatures. Goblins!"

The inhabitants of Stirk know all about the Goblins and their hide-out: "Goblins? My goodness. The only place I can think of is Broken Fang Cave. It's a small one, hidden on the north coast of the island." However, for a reason or another, they have never done anything about it.

Creature # Carries Health Spell Absorption Attacks Soul
Broken Fang Goblin
2 Weapon
2 Lockpicks (25% each)
  • Weapon (Iron, Rusty Iron or Steel, one-handed)
  • 1+((lvl+1)/2) pts melee, unarmed
Broken Fang Goblin Skirmisher
1 Bow+Arrows
Shield (50%)
2 Lockpicks (25% each)
  • Leveled Bow (Iron or Steel)
  • Leveled Arrows (Iron or Steel)
  • Weapon (Steel; Shortsword, Mace, War Axe, or Dagger)
  • Shield (Leather or Steel)*
  • 1+((lvl+2)/2) pts melee, unarmed
Broken Fang Goblin Berserker
1 Weapon
Shield (25%)
2 Lockpicks (25% each)
  • Leveled Weapon (Steel-Dwarven; Mace, War Axe or Shortsword)
  • Random Shield (Leather-Dwarven)**
  • 5+((lvl+3)/2) pts melee, unarmed
Broken Fang Goblin Shaman
1 Fine Iron Dagger
0-6 Healing Potions †
1 weak Other Potion
Broken Fang Cave Key
  • Leveled Weapon (Shortsword, War Axe, or Staff)
  • Lightning Bolt (Shock Damage 35pts on Target)
  • Frost Touch (Frost Damage 25pts on Touch)
  • Paralyze (Paralyze for 1sec on Touch)
  • Summon Headless Zombie (Summon Headless Zombie for 25sec)
  • Flame Shield (Fire Shield 30pts for 60sec on Self)
  • Heal Greater Wounds (Restore Health 20pts for 2sec on Self)
Broken Fang Goblin War Chief
1 Weapon
2 Lockpicks (25% each)
Broken Fang Cave Key
  • Leveled Weapon (Steel-Dwarven; Mace, War Axe or Shortsword)
  • 2+((lvl+4)/2) pts melee, unarmed

* For details about the shield, see notes at Goblin Skirmishers.
** For details about the shield, see notes at Goblin Berserkers.
† The number of possible potions received changes depending upon your level, as does the quality of the potions. Individual Restore Health potions have a 19-38% chance of appearing


Captain StellerEdit

Captain Steller (RefID: xx00120E)
Added by Stirk
Location Broken Fang Cave
Species Bones Soul Common
Level 1 Type Undead
RefID xx00120E BaseID xx001214
  • 0 (dead)
Other Information
Health 0 (dead) Magicka 0 (dead)
Respons. 0 Aggress. 5
Captain Steller's remains

Captain Steller was the Redguard captain of the Kintyra II. He was taken prisoner by goblins along with Cassius Stirk III and Jean Ciscotte when his ship sunk. He eventually met his demise in Broken Fang Cave; and judging from what's left of him, it must have happened soon after his capture.

Once you free him, Jean Ciscotte will tell about him: "The captain of the ship, a Redguard by the name of Steller" When talking about captivity he will recall: "First they killed the captain, and then they killed Cassius."

Maugrue The StewardEdit

Maugrue The Steward (RefID: xx009F4F)
Added by Stirk
Location Vassa Morisel
Species Lich Soul LeveledL:+1
Level PC+1 Type Undead
RefID xx009F4F BaseID xx009F2C
  • 20+(lvl/2) pts melee, unarmed (Min:23)
Other Information
Health 20×lvl
Magicka 33×lvl
Respons. 0 Aggress. 50
Maugrue The Steward

Maugrue the Steward is a lich who was imprisoned in Vassa Morisel over five thousand years ago by the Ayleids living in the ruin. The door to his prison could only be opened if four people sat in the thrones in front of it. Unknowingly, Therander Polle will free him during the quest The Secret of Vassa.

Like most liches, he wields a high-level random magical staff. He is also able to cast a large selection of spells: a journeyman-level Disintegrate Weapon spell, a leveled (Apprentice or Journeyman) Dispel on target spell, a leveled (Apprentice to Master) Shield spell and a leveled (Apprentice to Master) Shock Damage on target spell. He also possesses a lesser power with a 25pt Damage Magicka effect.

After slaying his liberator, Maugrue will make his way towards the thrones and deliver a shot speech: "Finally, after over five thousand, Maugrue the Steward is freed from his Ayleid captors! And it appears that someone has been kind enough to leave some soon-to-be corpses from which I can begin to raise my vengeful army!" After this, he will kill Amarius Eulius and proceed to attack you and your companions.

Once you have slain him, the people of Stirk will manifest their surprise and happiness: "I had no idea such evil existed beneath our island!" and "I heard how you defeated the lich. I cannot thank you enough for your bravery."


  • Because Maugrue is a creature the speech he gives is actually delivered by an NPC, Tr07VoiceOfMaugrue, who is invisible and will be disabled once Maugrue attacks.



Two varieties of Zombies can be found on Stirk, and both are part of the Undead Faction. Similarly to regular zombies they have a 25% chance of carrying one of the following diseases:

  • Ataxia, Brown Rot, Dampworm, Droops, Greenspore, Helljoint, Rockjoint, Rust Chancre, Witbane, Wither
Creature Carries Health Frost Resist Poison Resist Fire Resist Magic Resist Attacks Soul
Minor Loot (15%)
Mort Flesh
30 100 -60 30
  • 10+((lvl+2)/2) pts melee, unarmed

Found in Polle Gold Mine Lower Shaft during the Strange Noises quest

Minor Loot (15%)
Mort Flesh
30 100 -60 30
  • 10+((lvl-5)/2) pts melee, unarmed

Found in the Ancient Ruin during the Strange Noises quest