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Oblivion:Weakness to Fire

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OB-icon-Fire.png Weakness to Fire
School Destruction
Type Offensive
Effect ID WKFI
Base Cost 0.1
Barter Factor 0
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Weakness to Fire M% for D seconds

Weakness to Fire increases by M% the damage inflicted on the target with subsequent Fire Damage attacks; the effect lasts for D seconds. For example, a target with Weakness to Fire 50% active will suffer 9 points of damage from a Flare spell, instead of the usual 6 points. The Weakness effect must already be active before the Damage effect; the increased damage will not occur if the Weakness and Damage effect are combined into a single spell.

Magnitudes greater than 100% are possible if multiple effects are simultaneously active. Weakness to Fire can be combined with Weakness to Magic to inflict even more damage: the two enhancements are multiplied together for fire damage caused by spells or enchantments (i.e., Weakness to Fire 100% and Weakness to Magic 100% results in 4 (=2x2) times the damage).

Some creatures (and some character races) have natural weaknesses to fire.

In Shivering Isles, one ingredient, Ashen Remains, contains Weakness to Fire as an effect. However, since it is the only ingredient that contains this effect, and since the effect is not listed first, it is impossible to create a Weakness to Fire poison.


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