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Listed here are commonly used acronyms for Oblivion mods and modding tools. Rules for adding content:

  • The page is designed for players who are likely to be confused by an acronym that they've run across in the forums. If such confusion is not likely, or if expanding the acronym doesn't reduce confusion, then don't add the term.
  • Acronyms only. Terminology should be defined on the Glossary page. Or if more technical (useful to modders only) on the Glossary at TESCS Wiki.
  • Only list acronyms that are actually commonly used. (I.e. don't acronymize your favorite mod and post it here as advertising.)
  • Don't use evaluative terms like "popular". If it's not reasonably popular, then it shouldn't be here.
  • Sort alphabetically (by acronym, not by full name).
  • Keep descriptions short (one or two short sentences in almost all cases).
Acronym Full Description
AEVWD Almost Everything Visible When Distant Mod that makes almost all structures (Ayleid ruins, forts, etc.) viewable while distant.
AS Alternate Start Describes several mods that alter the beginning of the game
AWS Atmospheric Weather System Weather overhaul.
B&M Blood and Mud Quest mod and city overhaul (Bravil).
BAB Biu Adventuress Body A female body replacer mod.
BAIN BAsh INstallers A mod package installer feature of Wrye Bash. Somewhat similar to OBMM.
BALO Bash Auto Load Ordering An automated load ordering feature of Wrye Bash. No longer enabled as it has been effectively depreciated by BOSS.
BC Better Cities Major city overhaul of all towns.
BOSS Better Oblivion Sorting Software Automatic load ordering utility.
BP Beautiful People Compilation of various race and cosmetic mods.
BSA Bethesda Softworks Archive The extension and file format used to archive all art assets used by Oblivion into a single file. See BSA File Format for more informations.
CoC Clocks of Cyrodiil Adds working clocks around Cyrodiil.
Center on Cell Console command that teleports player to specified cell.
Champion of Cyrodiil Rank that you gain after completing the main quest.
Cobl Common Oblivion Acts as library of common objects/shared definitions.
CR Cobl Races Compilation of race and beauty mods, part of Common Oblivion (Cobl).
CRB Cobl Races Balanced Similar to Cobl Races, but races and birthsigns rebalanced in spirit of RBP.
CS Construction Set The Elder Scrolls Construction Set, which is used to make mods.
CTD Crash to Desktop Oblivion crashes and quits.
DDS Direct Draw Surface The image format used by Morrowind and Oblivion for textures, icons, and all other graphics.
DLC Downloadable content Refers to the official Bethesda plug-ins for Oblivion
DV Deutsche Version Used when designating the German language version of a mod.
EW Enhanced Weather Weather Mod.
EV English Version Used when designating the English language version of a mod.
FF Fantasy Figures A female body replacer mod.
FCOM Frans, War Cry, Oscuro's, Martigen Mod that that integrates the leading overhaul mods (plus others) into a single, cohesive system.
GOTY Game of the Year Version with all Knights of the Nine/SI Expansion Packs.
HC Harvest Containers Mod that causes containers to appear opened when activated.
HDR High Dynamic Range Graphics technique that allows a wider range of colors to be displayed. See this article for more information.
HF Harvest Flora Mod that causes harvested flora to look depleted after harvesting.
KA Kvatch Aftermath A mod that features a reconstructed Kvatch. Not to be confused with Kvatch Rebuilt.
KCAS Kobu's Character Advancement System Player character leveling overhaul
KOTN/KotN Knights of the Nine Official quest mod.
KR Kvatch Rebuilt A mod that features a reconstructed Kvatch. Not to be confused with Kvatch Aftermath.
http://kvatch.net/ generates numerous malware warnings and may have been hi-jacked. Forums no longer work at all. Use at your own risk.
LAME Less Annoying Magic Experience Magic overhaul. Also comes in a German version.
LOD Level Of Detail The amount of detail displayed by the graphics engine.
LS Lost Spires A large quest mod with a new guild.
LSTR Loading Screens Themed Replacer Mod that replaces sepia toned vanilla loading screens with high quality full color screenshots.
MM Mighty Magick Magic overhaul.
MM:R Mighty Magick: Reborn Magic overhaul.
MMM Martigen's Monster Mod Mod focused on adding additional creatures and NPCs.
MBSP Magicka-Based Skill Progression Originally a Morrowind mod, now a genre name for any mod which adjusts the advancement of spellcasting skills based on the cost of the spells you cast.
MOBS Medieval Oblivion (Equipment) Balance System A system used by many mods to balance weapons. Without MOBS, weapons added by different mods can behave inconsistently (e.g. a small dagger having longer reach than sword).
NE Natural Environment Weather overhaul.
nGCD not Galsiah's Character Development Player leveling overhaul. (GCD is a player leveling system for Morrowind, which inspired this mod. nGCD is by a different author, hence not Galsiah's.)
NIF NetImmerse File The GameBryo file format for 3D meshes. See NifTools for more informations.
OBGE Oblivion Graphics Extender A modder's resource that expands the graphics capabilities of Oblivion.
OBMM Oblivion Mod Manager A tool for installing and removing mods, managing load order, etc.
OBSE Oblivion Script Extender A modder's resource that expands the scripting capabilities of Oblivion.
OBC Open Better Cities A city overhaul mod that removes city gates and allows seamless entry into Better Cities.
OCC Open Cities Classic A city overhaul mod to remove the city gates allowing seamless entry, maintaining the vanilla Bethesda layouts.
OCR Open Cities Reborn City overhaul that redesigns the layouts of each city while at the same time removing the load screens to enter.
OMG Origin of Mages Guild A quest mod.
OMOBS Oscuro's Medieval Oblivion (Equipment) Balance System Oscuro's variation of MOBS. Largely consistent with MOBS.
OOO Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul Overhaul mod.
ORE Oblivion Real Estate A mod site focused on homes and villages.
PYLO Post Your Load Order A request on the forums that someone post their load order, typically to help with diagnosis of problems. Usually fulfilled by using Wrye Bash's List Mods command, or by using OBMM and copying and pasting the contents of %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Oblivion\plugins.txt, which OBMM will sort by load order automatically.
QOTW Quest of the Week A modding group that makes miscellaneous quests.
RBP Race Balancing Project A race and Birthsign overhaul.
Ren's Beauty Pack A race and hair mod.
RELZ Released A released mod. Usually used in the titles of forum topics to flag that the post is about a released mod. The trailing "Z" exists to increase the term to four letters (Bethsoft forum searches do not allow searches on three letter terms).
RGO Reneer's Guard Overhaul Overhauls behavior of guard NPCs.
RTFM Read the F***ing/Fine Manual Blunt admonishment that an asked question is already answered in the manual/readme.

A less rude alternative is to ask "How is the manual unclear?"

RTT Ruined Tail's Tale A classic companion and quest mod.
SDR Sneaking Detection Recalibrated Stealth Overhaul
SI Shivering Isles Official Oblivion expansion
SM Supreme Magicka Magic overhaul.
SPAM Simbacca's Player Advancement Method player leveling overhaul.
TIE Tamriel Immersion Experience Overhaul mod.
TFF Team Fantasy Figures Marks official FF releases. Contrasts with UFF.
TNR Tamriel NPCs Revamped A face overhaul mod. Redoes the faces of all human, elf and orc faces in Cyrodiil.
TotF Tears of the Fiend A large companion and quest mod.
TT Tamriel Travellers Traveling Merchants mod.
TRN OotG TRN One of the Gang User made mod allows the player to disguise themselves as a member of the Imperial Legion.
UI User Interface All menus (e.g. Inventory) and other non game objects (e.g. compass, health bar) visible on screen. A mod changing them is therefore often called "UI mod".
UFF Unofficial Fantasy Figures Marks mods made for TFF bodies that are not from Team Fantasy Figures. Contrasts with TFF.
UL Unique Landscapes Series of mods that redo landscapes in different areas of Cyrodiil to make them more unique and interesting.
UOP Unofficial Oblivion Patch The patch mod for Oblivion. Fixes all known (and fixable) bugs, provides some performance enhancements, etc.
UOMP Unofficial Official Mods Patch Same as UOP, but for the various downloadable mods Bethesda sold. Use this in addition to UOP.
USIP Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch Same as UOP, but for Shivering Isles. Use this in addition to UOP.
WCIF Where can I find? Indicates the thread is asking where to find a particular mod or a certain type of mod.

On the Official Elder Scrolls Forums, at least, such questions ought to be directed to the current mod detectives (for a known mod that cannot be found) or mod psychics (for asking if a mod exists) thread.

WIPZ Work in Progress Term for mods that are in development. The trailing "Z" exists to increase the term to four letters (Bethsoft forum searches do not allow searches on three letter terms).

"WIPZ" usually implies that the mod is actually in development (i.e. not just an idea), and that the mod is planned to be released (i.e. is not a private mod).