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Oblivion:Ruslan's House

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Ruslan's House
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Console Location Code(s)
ICTempleDistrictRuslansHouse, ICTempleDistrictRuslansBasement, ICTempleDistrictRuslansHouseUpstairs
Imperial City, Temple District
Ruslan's House

Ruslan's House is located in the northeastern quarter of the Temple District, opposite J'mhad's House.

On the ground floor, at the bottom of the stairs, is a locked weaponry chest sitting on a low table. Adjacent to the stairs is a table with a clutter sack underneath it and across from that is a wine rack containing nine bottles of cheap wine. In the corner near the door leading into the basement is a food cupboard and a set of shelves with three potatoes and two watermelons on it. There is a locked clutter chest on the first landing after heading into the basement. The basement holds little more than three barrels, two with clutter and one with food, some pottery and many chairs. Ruslan's private quarters are a lavish change to the normality of his ground floor, with silver plates and better quality wine. On a small round table, visible after entering his room, a wedge of cheese, a weak potion of insulation and two bottles of Surilie Brothers Vintage 415. On the shelf opposite the foot of the bed are five common books and another bottle of cheap wine. Under the tapestry near his desk there is a locked chest with a chance of jewelry, silverware and gold. On the nearby clutter desk is a rare copy of More Than Mortal, and a copy of Alessia Ottus' Guide to Cheydinhal. There are also a storage crate and two storage barrels in his bedroom, which are behind the staircase covering.