Oblivion:Renrijra Krin

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The Renrijra Krin are a radical Khajiit organization dedicated to reclaiming areas of Cyrodiil they see as rightfully belonging to Elsweyr.

Their principal belief is that the Count of Leyawiin has driven them from the fertile land around Lake Makapi and the River Malapi, their name for Niben Bay and the River Niben and that this area should be part of the Khajiiti homeland as it always used to be. In this they disagree with their ruler, the Mane, who made the current agreement with Cyrodiil.

The name translates as "The Mercenary's Grin", "The Laugh of the Landless" or "The Smiling Scum", and reflects the group's philosophy of bravery and enjoyment of life, while also indicating that they owe allegiance to no ruler.

The group's activities are focused largely on recovering territory from around Leyawiin, but evidently they have been active around Bravil too, as the residents of both cities are wary of them as reflected in several pieces of dialogue.

In Bravil
"The Renrijra Krin are Khajiit bandits and smugglers posing as guerillas and freedom fighters."
In Leyawiin
"We need some law-and-order... bring in the Legions. 'Leyawiin for the Imperials,' I say. No sense coddling those Renrijra Krin bandits."
"The skooma trade is making a lot of money for the tribes in Elsweyr, and a lot of that is going to the Renrijra Krin."
"Sounds like the Empire has given up on stopping the skooma trade in Elsweyr, and I hear tribal chiefs are supporting the Renrijra Krin."
"That skooma trade is bad business, and the Renrijra Krin are just a bunch of thugs."

One of Claude Maric's henchmen, S'razirr is a member of a Renrijra Krin faction, but this has no effect on gameplay. In addition, Drels Theran in Bravil is "the count's Special Inquisitor in charge of suppressing the Renrijra Krin insurgents."

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