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Regner's House
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Regner's House

Regner's House is a home located in the southern part of Bruma, between Arnora's House and Helvius Cecia's House, behind the Great Chapel of Talos.

It is the residence of Regner and his wife, Edla Dark-Heart, and contains only one zone; Regner's House.


Regner's HouseEdit

The upstairs of Regner's House
Regner and Edla's bedroom/basement

Like many homes in Bruma, this home has a living room on the ground floor and bedroom in the basement. The living room holds plenty of containers with food and, not surprisingly for two Nords, plenty of alcohol, including two bottles of Surilie Brothers Wine and a single bottle of Tamika's West Weald Wine. Also to be found is a locked chest with leveled equipment and a rare handbill from Hammer and Axe. The basement area contains even more beverages, a novice-locked chest containing silver and gold, and the Marksman skill book, A Dance in Fire, v5. Also to be found is a rare weightless dark shirt, a Nirnroot plant and, on some shelves, an iron shortsword.


  • Both Regner and Edla carry the key to this house.