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Oblivion:Pinarus Inventius' House

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Pinarus Inventius' House
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# of Zones 1
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Gold Coast
Pinarus Inventius' House

Pinarus Inventius' House is situated within the Westgate district of Anvil. The house itself is situated between Newheim the Portly's house and Silgor Bradus' house, and is also adjacent from the local inn, The Count's Arms.

It is the residence of a reputed hunter, Pinarus Inventius and his wife Astia, and consists of only one zone, Pinarus Inventius' House.


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Pinarus Inventius' HouseEdit

The main living area
The upstairs study

The front door opens to a staircase directly ahead leading to the second floor. A door on the left opens up to a small dining and lounge area. A table along the northwestern wall holds a bottle of Surilie Brothers Wine and Tamika's West Weald Wine among a variety of silver tableware. A well laid dining table nearby hold two bottles of cheap wine, a loaf of bread, an apple, and two corn cobs. Along the southwestern wall, a shelf holds a head of lettuce, two pumpkins, two tomatoes, and an orange among clutter. A barrel and a non-respawning crate, lectern, and two sacks contain more clutter, whereas two, non-respawning open-grain sacks contain food. A cupboard in the southern corner contains more food, as well as a second exit to the exterior of the house. A lit fireplace nearby also spaciously illuminates the room.

The master bedroom

Continuing back towards the front entrance and following the stairs to the second floor of the house, a door at the top of the stairs leads to a small study room. The room itself is spaciously lit by another fireplace and a lockpick can be found on top. A locked chest nearby also holds minor loot. The eastern corner holds a small desk with several crumpled pieces of paper, a note, and a shopping list. There is also a shelf along the western corner that holds several books as well as more clutter. A door leading into the master bedroom is situated along the northwestern wall of the room. The master bedroom opens up to a small dining area to the right that holds an apple and several pears. A set of drawers which contains clutter also holds a russet felt outfit, a weak potion of detect life, several gold, and a jeweled necklace lying on top of the book Azura and the Box on top, and a pair of matching russet felt shoes can be found nearby. Across the room is also a small cupboard containing common clothing along with a weak potion of dispel and a locked jewelry box atop. The double bed is situated within an alcove along the northwestern side of the room and at the foot of the bed is another locked chest containing either armor or weaponry.