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Philip Franc's House
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Philip Franc's House

Philip Franc's House is a house in the eastern part of the Blankenmarch settlement next to Floyd Nathan's House and across from Hanz gro-Hubrag's House.

It is the residence of Philip Franc and consists of one zone: Philip Franc's House.


Philip Franc

Philip Franc's HouseEdit

Inside of Philip Franc's House

Of Blankenmarch's three residents, Philip seems to be the neatest based upon his relatively tidy household. His home is, however, the most dimly lit home in the settlement. The main room serves as dining room and storage, although the various containers hold nothing but the usual food and clutter. On the laid-out table is a portion of shepherd's pie, while five samples of the rare ironwood nuts can be found inside a bowl placed on the nearby shelves. The bedroom is slightly more chaotic, with an overturned table, two oars, and various pieces of clothing littering the floor. All three volumes of Biography of Queen Barenziah can be found on a drawer, along with a second copy of volume 3 behind the table. A Weak Potion of Grounding stands on the floor beside the bed.


  • Unlike most homes, Philip's house not only doesn't have a key and is already unlocked, but you are free to use his bed to sleep.