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Floyd Nathan's House
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Floyd Nathan's House

Floyd Nathan's House is a house in the northern part of the village of Blankenmarch situated between Hanz gro-Hubrag's house and Philip Franc's house.

It is the residence of Floyd Nathans and consists of one zone: Floyd Nathan's House.


Floyd Nathans

Floyd Nathan's HouseEdit

Inside of Floyd Nathan's House

Like most of Blankenmarch, the house is pretty much a mess. Chairs and tables are turned over and spare clothing lies scattered on the floor. There is a small amount of ingredients lying on a table, but more interestingly, a fine iron bow can be found in a barrel next to the front door. There is also a chest containing three bottles of skooma, suggesting he may be a skooma addict.


  • Like the rest of Blankenmarch, there is no key to this house and it is unlocked.


  • The door to Floyd's house is owned by Dar Jee and the house is identical to Dar Jee's House in Leyawiin, suggesting that it was copied and pasted in Blankenmarch.
  • The house is incorrectly named "Floyd Nathan's House" rather than the grammatically correct "Floyd Nathans' House".