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Oblivion:Leyawiin House for Sale

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Leyawiin House for Sale
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Leyawiin's House for Sale

Leyawiin House for Sale is a house for sale in eastern Leyawiin, near the castle.

The home can be purchased from Count Marius Caro for 7,000 gold (if his disposition toward you is at least 60), and all upgrades can be purchased from Gundalas at Best Goods and Guarantees for varying prices. Before any upgrades are purchased, the one-room house is quite bare, containing only a table with a single chair and a simple double bed.

The storage area upgrade adds a rug, three barrels, a chest, a basket, and a broom to the small area just to the right of the front door when entering the house. Purchasing the dining area upgrade places a rug under table and adds three more chairs, for a total of four. Table settings and a candle are added to the table. A small kitchen is created by the kitchen area upgrade, which adds a cupboard, some baskets, and a narrow table under the window in the northwest corner. The northeast corner of the main area becomes a study with the study area upgrade, which introduces a desk and chair, a set of shelves, and a standing candelabra to the room. The reading area upgrade adds a separate reading space to the southwest corner, including a divider screen, a rug, a small table and stool, three bookshelves, and two candles for lighting. Finally, the bedroom area upgrade improves the bedroom by adding a rug, a divider, a barrel, and a dresser (with candles), as well as a bookshelf in the front hall. The wall hangings upgrade decorates the small house with a painting of a wooded landscape in storage area, two paintings and a large tapestry in the study area, a large tapestry in northwest corner, a small painting on west wall behind the dining table, and a wide painting over reading area.


Costs and UpgradesEdit

Leyawiin House for Sale
Purchased From
Count Marius Caro (disposition 60+) Price to Purchase Home OBValueIcon small.png 7,000 Upgrades
Purchased From
Total Base Cost of All Upgrades OBValueIcon small.png 7,000
House Bedroom Area
House Dining Area
House Kitchen Area
House Reading Area
House Storage Area
House Study Area
House Wall Hangings

1000 gold

1000 gold

1000 gold

1000 gold

1000 gold

1000 gold

1000 gold

1 Dresser
1 Privacy Screen
1 Rug
1 Set of Shelves
Assorted Candles

3 Chairs
1 Rug
1 Candle
Assorted Pottery

1 Cupboard
1 Large Table
Assorted Baskets

3 Bookshelves
2 Candles on Holders
1 Chair
1 Small Table
1 Rug
1 Large Privacy Screen

3 Barrels
1 Chest
1 Basket
1 Rug
1 Broom

1 Desk
1 Chair
1 Bookshelf
1 Candelabra

5 Paintings
2 Tapestries


  • This house is one of only two player-ownable homes in the game not to have a fireplace (the other being Arborwatch in Chorrol).