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Jearl's House
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Console Location Code(s)
BrumaJearlsHouse, BrumaJearlsHouseBasement
Jearl's House

Jearl's House is a house in southern Bruma in between Istrius Brolus' house and Arnora's house and across from Ongar's house.

It is the residence of Jearl and Saveri Faram and contains two zones; Jearl's House and Jearl's Basement.


Saveri Faram

Related QuestsEdit

Jearl's HouseEdit

Inside of Jearl's House

The ground floor of her house contains nothing of particular interest, except for a chest with a random piece of either iron or steel equipment, located next to the fireplace. There is also a trap door next to the table in the middle of the room that leads to the basement.

Jearl's BasementEdit

The hidden trap door to Jearl's Basement. "I wonder where this goes..."

The basement, however, shows a couple of vital clues to her secret identity; The skill books Mythic Dawn Commentaries 1 and 2, and, if you have started the quest, the document Jearl's Orders, a major piece of evidence. There is also a door that leads to the Bruma Caverns.


  • Jearl carries the key to the house while both Jearl and Saveri carry the key to the basement.
  • None of the items in the house are marked as owned and as a result, you can take anything without getting a bounty.