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Oblivion:Istrius Brolus' House

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Istrius Brolus' House
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Console Location Code(s)
BrumaIstirusBrolusHouse, BrumaIstriusBrolusBasement
Istrius Brolus' House

Istrius Brolus' House is a small, lower-class shack in southwest Bruma located between Bradon Lirrian's House and Jearl's House and across from Ongar's House.

It is the home of Istirus Brolus and his wife, Jantus, and contains two zones: Istrius Brolus' House and Istrius Brolus' Basement.


Istrius Brolus' HouseEdit

Inside of the Brolus residence

When entering the southern door, two sacks and a barrel, all containing food, can be found with four carrots and three heads of lettuce in a basket on the floor. All four volumes of Brief History of the Empire and a copy of Report: Disaster at Ionith can be found on a bookshelf nearby. The drawers next to the double bed spawn a few articles of random lower-class clothing with a copy of Manual of Arms on top. The locked chest next to the eastern door holds a few pieces of random clutter. The alcove in the north end of the room contains two barrels, a sack, and a cupboard containing food, as well as four loaves of bread in a basket. There is also a locked trap door that leads to the basement.

Istrius Brolus' BasementEdit

The basement of the house is more of a small hallway than a basement. A crate being used as makeshift stairs contains nothing but random clutter. Upon entry, there are two barrels holding clutter along the western wall (the wall to the right). Along the eastern wall, there are two more barrels holding food and shelves that hold some miscellaneous clutter. A locked chest at the end opposite to the basement's entrance has the chance of holding weapons and/or armor.


  • Both Istirus and Jantus carry the key to this location.
  • Both chests and all three sacks are non-respawning and therefore safe for storage.


  • The name of the house is misspelled as "Istrius" as compared to its owner's name, "Istirus".