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J'Bari's House
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Console Location Code(s)
LeyawiinJBarisHouse, LeyawiinJBarisHouse2ndFloorEast, LeyawiinJBarisHouse2ndFloorWest
J'bari's House

J'Bari's House is located in the upper-class southern district of Leyawiin. The house is situated across from Rosentia Gallenus's house and just north of Alval Uvani's house.

The house itself is really very bland. Inside contains three separate cells, the main house, the east wing, and the west wing. In the main house, there are lots of shelves and chests holding clutter, except for one chest, which holds an iron helm and bow. The dining table has lots of food on it. The east and west wing only holds clutter. Of interest, there is very little. There aren't any rare items, or items of any value. However, there is a lot of silver lying around.



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