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Alval Uvani's House
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LeyawiinAlvalUvanisHouse, LeyawiinAlvalUvanisHouse2ndFloor, LeyawiinAlvalUvanisHouseBasement
Alval Uvani's House

Alval Uvani's House is a large house on the southern side of Leyawiin. It is between Mahei's house and J'Bari's House.

The house is currently being rented by the traveling "trader" Alval Uvani, though he is only in residence on Sundas. It consists of three zones, Alval Uvani's House, Alval Uvani's House 2nd Floor, and Alval Uvani's Basement.


Alval Uvani

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Alval Uvani's HouseEdit

The entry way's ambient lighting lends to the overall aesthetics of the home. The stairwell opens into the foyer, and the rest of the home branches off to the left. In the hall leading to the rest of the home is a locked chest containing some silverware and a small amount of gold. A small table at the end of the hall holds some grapes. A small storage area lies to the right of the entrance to a spacious main living area off of the hall. A dining table and bookshelves are arranged within, as well as small seating areas. There is a locked weapons chest, a wine cabinet with two bottles of Surilie Brothers Vintage 415, and a food pantry. The room is typical of that of an upper-class citizen, with better silverware and furnishings. The bookshelf next to the cupboard holds an array of better books— notably, a copy of The Wolf Queen, v 8 as well as a weak poison of the fool. A larger bookshelf also has a variety of books including two copies of Provinces of Tamriel and a novice calcinator. The Black Horse Courier Special Edition! Assassination! is on a table in the corner.

Alval Uvani's House 2nd FloorEdit

The second floor of the home features an antechamber to the master bedroom. In the corner are a table set with three loaves of bread and two sets of drawers containing clutter. A wardrobe with a burgundy linen shirt on top of it and a chest with clutter are opposite. The bedroom is very small and sparse compared to the rest of the house. There are three silver arrows on a table as well as an iron bow. A smaller table holds two bottles of cheap wine and a fine steel dagger. On the chest of drawers next to his bed is a red velvet garment. The large painting above the bed is actually a hidden wall safe that contains evidence that Alval is a speaker of the Dark Brotherhood's Black Hand faction.

Alval Uvani's BasementEdit

The basement is mostly storage with many barrels and upended shelves. Strangely, a lone skull sits on a table, surrounded by candles and tableware in the center of the room. There is an iron war axe on a table and a locked chest is hidden behind some storage crates along the far west wall in one of the two alcoves in the basement. The chest contains some silverware and a small amount of gold.


  • The key to the house is carried by Alval.


  • The railings beside the second floor door do not properly hinder you, instead letting you walk through them as if they were not there. This is due to missing collision on part of the railing.