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Oblivion:Herminia Cinna's House

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Herminia Cinna's House
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Console Location Code(s)
ICElvenGardensHerminiaCinnasHouse, ICElvenGardensHerminiaCinnasHouseBasement, ICElvenGardensHerminiaCinnasHouseUpstairs
Imperial City, Elven Gardens District

Herminia Cinna's House is located in the southeast housing complex of the Elven Gardens District, facing the eastern wall.

The ground floor acts as a kitchen diner area, with a small sitting area next to the staircase. Along the northern wall, close to the main kitchen area, a wooden shelving unit holds three apples and two ears of corn on the shelves. Two potatoes and a pumpkin sit in a basket atop the unit next to a venison steak. Three more steaks of venison can be found upon the table, with another apple, a carrot, a bread loaf and a bottle of cheap wine. In the corner sits a watermelon enclosed by a food pantry and a table with two more bottles of cheap wine and two bottles of mead upon it. At the top of the stairs in front of the private quarters door sits a clutter sack and barrel.

Herminia's private quarters reflect heavily upon her lifestyle as a researcher. On the bookshelf, many reference books such as Galerion The Mystic and the Ruins of Kemel-Ze can be found. Most notably however, is the Welkynd Stone, the copy of Glories and Laments and the scrolls of charm and damage health. In the northwestern corner, a locked clutter desk, which also contains the key to the Ayleid cask during the quest Secrets of the Ayleids, has a copy of Cleansing of the Fane and Herminia's book The Last King of the Ayleids upon it. At the foot of the bed, a locked valuables chest can be found. Along the eastern wall , rests a wardrobe, a locked armory chest and a wine rack with eleven bottles of cheap wine among it. In the alcove behind the stairs is where the cask containing the Crown of Nenalata spawns during the related quest.

The basement holds very little of interest aside from the wine rack, which holds six bottles of cheap wine, ten bottles of Tamika's West Weald wine and eight bottles of the Surilie Brothers wine. Aside from the alcohol, two locked chests, two crates, a chest of drawers, a barrel and a sack, all of which contain clutter can be found.

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