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Havilstein Hoar-Blood
(RefID: 00188F44)
Location Gnoll Mountain
Race Nord Gender Male
Level PC+20 Class Assassin
RefID 00188F44 BaseID 000301AC
Other Information
Health 50 + (4+1)x(PC+19), PC=1-16
Magicka 88 + 3.5x(PC+19) (max=250)
Responsibility 50 Aggression 30
Faction(s) Dark Brotherhood Elite; Havilstein Hoar-Blood's Secret Faction; Creatures
Havilstein Hoar-Blood

Havilstein Hoar-Blood is an axe-wielding Nord assassin who inhabits the campsite on Gnoll Mountain with his pet wolf, Redmaw. Hoar-Blood is an elite member of the Dark Brotherhood who meets his end at the hands of Lucien Lachance's silencer, who is deceived by Mathieu Bellamont into thinking that the vengeful sister of a mead-hall chieftain had taken out a contract on him.

Knowing that Redmaw guards the camp twenty-four hours a day, Havilstein sleeps securely in the tent every night between midnight and 6am. Once he wakes up, he takes a seat near the fireplace and enjoys its warmth until noon. At that time, he gets up and starts wandering around the camp. At 6pm, he once again sits down near the fireplace, this time for three hours. At 9pm, he takes a few rounds around the camp until he crawls back into the tent at midnight. He will attack you on sight.

Havilstein is always equipped with two battleaxes, one of which is enchanted (unless your character is less than level 3, in which case the enchanted battleaxe will be missing). His regular battleaxe will always be of the best possible quality for your level. He wears a full suit of fur armor. More important defensively is his "Black Hand Ability" which provides him with permanent 50% Resist Magic and 50% Resist Normal Weapons.

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  • Even though it is said that he is a Silencer for the Dark Brotherhood, in the Construction Set, he is listed as being in the Dark Brotherhood Elite. This was likely done so that you do not incur a bounty when you kill him.
  • If you approach his camp from Frostcrag Spire while he is asleep, you can pickpocket his weapons off of him without Redmaw seeing you to make fighting him significantly easier.