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Hagaer's House
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Console Location Code(s)
ICTempleDistrictHagaersHouse, ICTempleDistrictHagaersBasement, ICTempleDistrictHagaersHouseUpstairs
Imperial City, Temple District
Hagaer's House

Hagaer's House is a mansion located in the center of the Temple District, and is home to Hagaer.



Hagaer's HouseEdit

Hagaer's HouseEdit

As is common of wealthy Imperial City houses, the ground floor is more or less bare bones in order to mislead eventual thieves. There is still a decent amount of silverware and some expensive pottery, but three bottles of cheap wine suggest Hagaer might store the more expensive stuff elsewhere.

Hagaer's Private QuartersEdit

The northern part of the private quarters contains two big bedrooms; the northernmost one displaying Hagaer's wine collection: nine bottles of Tamika's West Weald wine, four bottles of Surilie Brothers wine, and two bottles of cheap wine. In the same room are two locked chests, one with some spare change and a small chance of jewelry (10%), the other containing up to three pieces of lower-level armor or weapons. The drawers nearby house up to six pieces of upper-class clothing (75% each). In the southern bedroom are another clothing-holding set of drawers and a jewelry box atop it containing a few gold coins and possibly a piece of jewelry (50%) and a nugget (50%). The dining area is spacious and also functions as Hagaer's private library. Laid out on the table is a wide array of expensive food, including eight pieces of venison and more bottles from the Skingrad wineries. His large book collection includes rare copies of Herminia Cinna's The Last King of the Ayleids and Hanging Gardens, as well as many other common books.

Hagaer's BasementEdit

The basement area is quite empty; fifteen bottles of Tamika's being the only items of value.