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Oblivion:Fort Strand

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Fort Strand
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# of Zones 2
Marauders, Bjalfi the Contemptible
(1 boss-level Marauder)
Important Treasure
Console Location Code(s)
FortStrandExterior, FortStrand01, FortStrand02
Gold Coast
Just east of Anvil
Fort Strand

Fort Strand is a medium-sized fort east of Anvil containing marauders (quest-related). It contains two zones: Fort Strand and Fort Strand Great Dome.

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Key to Maps
Map of Fort Strand, Exterior

Zone 1: Fort StrandEdit

Fort Strand

Upon entering Fort Strand, the first tunnel quickly ends in a T-intersection, forcing you to make a choice. Either head for door C or D, as they will both lead you to your main objective, Bjalfi the Contemptible, who resides in Fort Strand Great Dome. Be wary, however, as a marauder may patrol the cross-tunnel. It is possible to reenter this zone from both exits, so simply pick the southeastern passage through the old wooden door. The next room contains a couple of minor loot chests and up to three enemies, depending on whether or not you encountered the patroller, so proceed carefully and avoid the two pressure plate traps and rat at F. Proceed through the gate, down the stairwell, and door D will be right ahead of you. Taking a small detour will net you additional treasure, so head into the cave-like tunnel to the southeast. A bonfire will light up a deep pit connected by a few wooden planks. Stick to the left and stay on the ledge, then head up the first set of planks. Follow the tunnel to a hallway with a chest, then take the next tunnel all the way to the bottom of the pit and kill the opposition guarding two chests. Backtrack all the way back to door D and enter Fort Strand Great Dome.

When you return to this zone from door C, be prepared for a fight against a Marauder Battlemage and an archer and explore the northeastern room for a locked chest. On your way back to the T-intersection, avoid the swinging log trap at E and backtrack all the way to door Out.


  • 2-3 Campsite Marauders (each 50% probability melee Marauder, 16% archer Marauder, 16% Marauder Battlemage, 16% dog)
  • 1 Marauder Battlemage
  • 1 archer Marauder
  • 1 melee Marauder
  • 2 Nuisance Animals
  • 1 Rat



Doors and Gates:


  • 1 bedroll at location b on map

Zone 2: Fort Strand Great DomeEdit

Fort Strand Great Dome

In the Great Dome, head down two sets of stairs until you arrive in a large room; this is the lair of Bjalfi (Q), a boss-level Marauder and a campsite Marauder at A. Dispose of them and loot Bjalfi's corpse for Rockshatter. Pick the stairs leading to the southeastern tunnel, avoid a pressure plate (H) and a swinging mace trap at G, and follow the tunnel until you arrive in a large room with two levels. Take a detour and explore the northeastern room for two minor loot chests. Cross the bridge and avoid falling down as a crumbling bridge trap (E) will make the first part of the bridge collapse and two rotten planks at F will take care of the second part. Finally, exit through door C to the first zone, Fort Strand.


  • Bjalfi the Contemptible (carries Rockshatter, high-quality heavy boots, cuirass, greaves and possibly gauntlets; non-respawning) at location Q on map
  • 1 boss-level Marauder at A
  • 1 Campsite Marauder (each 50% probability melee Marauder, 16% archer Marauder, 16% Marauder Battlemage, 16% dog)
  • 1 archer Marauder
  • 1 Rat



Doors and Gates:

  • There are two doors (at D and C) in/out of this zone, both leading to the zone Fort Strand