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Oblivion:Abandoned House (Cheydinhal)

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Abandoned House
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# of Zones 2
Console Location Code(s)
CheydinhalAbandonedHouse, CheydinhalAbandonedHouseBasement
Nibenay Basin
The Abandoned House

The Abandoned House is a run-down, desolate house situated along the eastern outskirts of Cheydinhal. The house itself is situated between Oghash gra-Magul's house and Ganredhel's house, and adjacent from the Great Chapel of Arkay. The house's basement contains a door to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.

The house is abandoned and contains no inhabitants, but consists of two zones, Abandoned House and Abandoned House Basement.

Related QuestsEdit

Abandoned HouseEdit

Abandoned HouseEdit

The entrance

The house is safeguarded by a leveled lock unless you have become a member of the Dark Brotherhood through the related quest. When entering you can see that it has been a long while since anyone has set foot in this old mansion. The house has been looted of anything of worth. Taking a look around anyway, a few tapestries remain, but furniture is broken and scattered, and cobwebs are everywhere. The door to the basement is to the right on the east wall. Upstairs is more scattered remains of a household. A lone loaf of bread is found on a table at the far end of the room. The home has a third floor loft area with the only item of some value; a copy of The Waters of Oblivion has fallen underneath a small bookshelf. A dresser holds common clothing.

Abandoned House BasementEdit

The door to the Sanctuary

The basement looks much like any other basement, albeit with more broken items and cobwebs. There are crates and barrels filled with clutter. However, a large hole in the stone on the north wall looks intriguing. The tunnel leads to the Black Door; the door leading to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.


  • It is rumored that Count Andel Indarys knows the location of the Sanctuary within the house itself, but is bribed and threatened to keep his mouth shut.