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Morrowind:Absorb Attribute

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MW-icon-effect-Absorb Attribute.jpg Absorb Attribute
School Mysticism
Type Offensive
Base Cost 2
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Magic Apparel

Absorb Attribute, M points for D seconds

Temporarily lowers one of the attributes of the target, by M points for D seconds, and raises the same attribute of the caster by the same amount and duration. When the spell expires, both parties' attributes will return to their previous values.

Neither effect is cumulative. For example, if you enchant a weapon with Absorb Luck, 1 point for 15 seconds, cast on strike, you cannot expect to emerge from combat with +20 luck for 300 seconds. Rather, you will finish the combat with Luck boosted by only 1 point, and only for the 15-second duration since the last successful blow with that weapon.

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