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Morrowind:Gilan Daynes

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Gilan Daynes (gilan daynes)
Home City Vivec, Hlaalu Canton
Location No Name Club
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level 9 Class Smith
Other Repairs Repairs
Gold 600 Mercantile Novice (10)
Other Information
Health 116 Magicka 92
Alarm 100 Fight 30
Faction(s) Camonna Tong 1(Tough)
Gilan Daynes

Gilan Daynes is a Dark Elf smith who can be found at the No Name Club in the southeastern corner of Vivec's Hlaalu Canton plaza. He's a Tough for the Camonna Tong, and thus not very friendly to outlanders. He does have some weapons and repair items for sale, and offers repair services, but you'll probably want to look elsewhere for these services.


  • Negative numbers indicate restocking items.
  • Items in italics are equipped, and can be purchased if you sell him something better first. (If there is more than one, you may be able to purchase the others.)
Item Qty
Chitin Dagger -1
Iron Dagger -1
Iron Tanto -1
Iron Throwing Knife -50
Silver Dagger 1
Steel Dagger -1
Steel Tanto -1
Steel Throwing Knife -50
Repair Items
Repair Prongs -10
Apprentice's Armorer's Hammer -10
Journeyman's Armorer's Hammer -5