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Llevas Fels (llevas fels)
Home City Sadrith Mora
House Nevrila Areloth's House
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level 9 Class Savant Service
Training Mercantile (47)
Speechcraft (47)
Athletics (43)
Gold 250 Mercantile Expert (47)
Other Information
Health 79 Magicka 130
Alarm 100 Fight 30
Faction(s) Camonna Tong 2(Thug)
Llevas Fels

Llevas Fels is a Dark Elf Camonna Tong thug living in Sadrith Mora. He offers minor training in Mercantile, Speechcraft, and Athletics, and has a few books for sale, though his selection is small and his prices are high, so you'll probably want to look elsewhere.

He wears a common shirt with matching pants and shoes and he carries a steel jinksword. Aside from his natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by his ancestors, he knows no spells.


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Item Qty
Guide to Sadrith Mora 1
random_book_dunmer 3