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Llaren Terano (llaren terano)
Location Rotheran, Arena
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level 15 Class Sorcerer
Other Information
Health 153 Magicka 2000
Alarm 0 Fight 90
Llaren Terano

Llaren Terano is a hostile Dark Elf sorcerer and a worshipper of Molag Bal. He is a malicious and powerful sorcerer currently residing in the Rotheran stronghold along with his followers. In Rotheran, they have set up a secret gladiator's arena where he pits slaves against daedra and animals to fight to their death for his amusement.

He has gotten his hands on the legendary Ice Blade of the Monarch. The Imperial Cult Oracle Lalatia Varian sent Adusamsi Assurnarairan to recover the blade for the cult, but Llaren caught her, stripped her of her clothes and ring, and threw her into the Arena pit to be used as a gladiator. You will be sent by Lalatia Varian instead to recover the blade from Llaren, and rescue Adusamsi from certain fate of being killed or sold into slavery.

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  • Despite only being a modestly leveled NPC with moderate health, Llaren Terano has 2000 magicka, which is 500 more than Tribunal God Almalexia and one of the highest in the game.