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Morrowind: People / Transport
Erranil (erranil)
Home City Ald'ruhn
Location Guild of Mages
Race High Elf Gender Female
Level 12 Class Guild Guide
Guild Guide
Wolverine Hall
Other Information
Health 72 Magicka 158
Alarm 90 Fight 30
Faction(s) Mages Guild Apprentice(Apprentice)

Erranil, a High Elf guild guide, is an Apprentice of the Mages Guild. Erranil can be found on the middle level of the Ald'ruhn Guild of Mages, in the southwestern corner. She may provide a small donation for the Buckmoth fund.

She is wearing an expensive robe and matching shoes. Aside from her natural weaknesses to fire, frost, shock and magicka, her natural bonus to magicka, and resistance to disease, she knows no spells.


  • destination: "I can teleport you instantly from our Mages Guild here in Ald'ruhn to the Vivec Mages Guild, or the Balmora Mages Guild, or the Caldera Mages Guild, or the Sadrith Mora Mages Guild."

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Imperial CultEdit

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Buckmoth AlmsEdit

If her disposition < 70:

alms for the poor
"It's a worthy cause. Sorry, but this is all I can afford."

If her disposition > 70:

alms for the poor
"You're right. We all must do our part. Here. It's not much, but it's all I can spare."

If brought up again:

"You have my contribution."