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Grurn (Skeleton_FM_king)
(lore page)
Added by Siege at Firemoth
Location Firemoth, Tomb
Species Lich Soul Grand (300)
Level 15 Type Undead
  • 5-15pts melee
  • Shockball
    Shock Damage Shock Damage 100 pts in 5ft on Target
Other Information
Health 2000 Magicka 3300
Alarm 0 Fight 100

Grurn is a lich who dwells in Fort Firemoth.

Sellus Gravius will tell you that Grurn and his undead horde "literally marched out of the ocean and overran the garrison there". The lich captured the shield artifact named the Ward of Akavir, which the Imperial Legion seeks to recapture.

He is one of the strongest enemies in the game, with a unique Regenerate Health ability, listed in the Construction Set as regenhealth_ability_10, and also rapidly regenerates Magicka. See the quest article for strategies to deal with him.

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