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Grurn wielding the Ward of Akavir
Race Unknown Gender Male
Final Death 3E 427
Fort Firemoth
Resided in Vvardenfell
Appears in Morrowind

Grurn was a Lich warrior who rose out of the Inner Sea with an undead army to overtake the Imperial-controlled islet Firemoth.[1] Grurn’s victory cost the Imperial Legion control of the entire island, the strategic fort therein, and a legion artifact called the Ward of Akavir, a shield made of Dragon skin that Grurn would take to personally wielding. Circa 3E 427, Imperial Captain Sellus Gravius tasked the Nerevarine with leading a crew of mercenaries to retake the Ward of Akavir and avenge the Legions’ previous defeat.[1] The Nerevarine and mercenaries were able to rescue J'Hanir, a hostage Khajiit legionnaire who had survived for years in the island's caverns by eating mushrooms. They then drove back the undead army and confronted the powerful Grurn, who used the Ward in battle but was ultimately struck down. The Nerevarine then returned the shield to the Legion in Vvardenfell.[2]



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