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Morrowind:Siege at Firemoth

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Siege at Firemoth
Quest Siege at Firemoth
Location Fort Firemoth
Items Ward of Akavir
Released September 13, 2002
Size 457 KB
Version 1.1
Patch None required
Fort Firemoth

Siege at Firemoth is an official plugin that adds a small island chain southwest of Seyda Neen, and a small quest involving taking out a large army of skeletons. Unlike most areas in the game, this place is very combat-oriented—you may find yourself facing dozens of enemies at one time. At the end, you will face Grurn, the leader of the island's undead, and a powerful lich to boot. You will be rewarded with the Ward of Akavir, a shield with a constant effect Fortify Luck enchantment.

Official SummaryEdit

"The island fortress of Firemoth was taken by the skeleton army of Grurn years ago. It's time to take it back. Sellus Gravius, Captain of the Seyda Neen Census and Excise Office, hires you to lead a band of adventurers to the Fort." —Official Summary

New ContentEdit



Only one new item is included with this plugin. The Ward of Akavir resembles an Imperial Dragon Scale Shield.

Name ID         Enchantment
  Ward of Akavir Ward of Akavir 10.0
200 5000 25 Constant Effect Fortify Luck 25pts


Creature Drops           Attacks Soul
Skeleton Archer

Only found outside

Iron Saber
Long Bow
60 Iron Arrows
10 100 100 50 100
  • 3-9pts melee, plus weapons
Skeleton Warrior
Steel Saber
Iron Shield
20 100 100 50 100
  • 5-15pts melee, plus weapon

Found in the Tomb

Steel Saber
Ward of Akavir
2000 100 100 50 100
  • 5-15pts melee, plus weapon
  • Shockball - Shock Damage 100pts in 5ft for 1sec on Target
  • Regenerate Health Ability - Constant Effect Restore Health 10pts
  • Regenerate Magicka Ability - Constant Effect Restore Magicka 10pts