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Gildan (gildan)
Home City Ald'ruhn
Location Gildan's House
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Level 13 Class Nightblade Service
Training Alteration (53)
Mysticism (53)
Illusion (50)
Spells Alteration SpellsIllusion SpellsMysticism Spells
Other Information
Health 83 Magicka 106
Alarm 0 Fight 0
Faction(s) Blades 2(Journeyman)

Gildan is a Bosmer nightblade who offers both medium training and spells in the schools of Alteration, Illusion, and Mysticism. She is a member of the Blades, and one of the Blades Trainers that Caius Cosades will recommend to you. If you ask her about it, she'll recommend purchasing some poisoned blades from Wayn in the Balmora Fighters Guild. She will only offer you services if you are also a member of the Blades. She has a house in Ald'ruhn.

Regarding Blades business, she keeps an eye on House Redoran's relations with the other two Houses. The conflict with House Hlaalu is mostly about the mining operations near Caldera, overviewed by Surane Leoriane. The conflict with House Telvanni is about rogue Telvanni mages unlawfully setting up bases all over Vvardenfell. This relation is more easily observed as Redoran council meetings are public. Redorans openly fund and support strikes against the rogue Telvanni bases. She keeps the Legion informed about both of these and does little to act. She also says that "either one of those conflicts could flare into open war".

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Gildan sells the following spells:

Spell Name Cost Effects
Crushing Burden Touch 30 Burden Burden 60 pts for 10s on Touch
Fifth Barrier 150 Shield Shield 50 pts for 30s on Self
Great Burden of Sin 30 Burden Burden 40 pts for 10s on Target
Heavy Burden 30 Burden Burden 40 pts for 10s on Target
Sixth Barrier 180 Shield Shield 60 pts for 30s on Self
Strong Feather 25 Feather Feather 50 pts for 10s on Self
Tinur's Hoptoad 30 Jump Jump 20 pts for 10s on Self
Ulms's Juicedaw's Feather 25 Feather Feather 50 pts for 10s on Self
Weary 34 Burden Burden 30-60 pts for 10s on Target
Concealment 90 Invisibility Invisibility for 90s on Self
Far Silence 30 Silence Silence for 10s on Target
Shadowmask 83 Chameleon Chameleon 40-70 pts for 30s on Self
Sotha's Mirror 25 Reflect Reflect 10 pts for 5s on Self
Soul Trap 6 Soultrap Soultrap for 60s on Touch