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Latest RumorsEdit

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Rumors can vary depending on the location of the NPC you're asking and which quests have been completed among other factors. Text in bold beneath is the location it can be said.

"It's not bad enough with the blight storms this year, but the Ashlanders are also going crazy, jumping caravans and pilgrims, raiding villages, scrapping with the Legions. They ought to send the Legions out and teach them a lesson."
"It's the law of Morrowind. Slavery is legal. The Empire doesn't like it, but the Emperor signed the Armistice, and that made it legal for the Dunmer to retain their ancient laws and customs. Now, there's some Abolitionists who say, 'To hell with the law... slavery is wrong.' I'm not saying I disagree, in theory. But it's the law."
"A rumor says the Emperor has repealed the War Tax. We've heard nothing official here, but it's about damn time. We haven't had a war in ten years."
"My son was recently shipped up to Fort Frostmoth on the island of Solstheim. I don't know what he did to deserve that, but it couldn't have been good."
"I've been told that the Empire has granted a new charter to do some mining on the island of Solstheim. Why anyone would want to go there is beyond me."
"I heard there has been some trouble up at Fort Frostmoth. Never heard of it? It's on an island called Solstheim north of Vvardenfell."
"At first, it seemed the fuss about the Nerevarine was just silly superstition. Then I learned that the Dunmer have been waiting for Lord Nerevar to come back for centuries. The 'Incarnate', they call it. Every few years an Ashlander appears, and the tribes call him the Incarnate. Then the Temple goes out, hunts him down, and reveals him as a fake. Why does the Temple worry so much about it?"
"The other day a Redoran in Vivec refused a duel. With cowards even in House Redoran, who will protect us next time the Nords invade?"
Dagon Fel
"I heard a shipmaster on the Tel Mora-Dagon Fel run dropped a group of wizards and mercenaries off on a little island somewhere. Think that was a bunch of rogue Telvanni planning to set up a base?"
"I've heard tales of an ancient helm locked away in the ruins of Onnissiralis, west of Vas. Here, I'll mark on your map where Vas is. The brothers Norvayne left here recently to investigate the place. You should try to meet up with them if you want to check it out. They're good folks, if a bit argumentative." (with Helm of Tohan installed)
House Telvanni / Sadrith Mora [verification needed]
"We've been fortunate. We tested the resolve of the Duke and the other Houses when we grabbed Tel Vos. And we found out they weren't going to fight to protect the settlement charters, we sent out our deviants and malcontents to stake new claims. Some will survive, some won't. Hlaalu and Redoran have to respond. But in the end, the ones that survive will extend our power and influence here on Vvardenfell."
"Have you seen it? The raven? It's been spotted at the Altar of Thrond. It's huge, and black as midnight. Some say it's a sign that witches have come to Solstheim."
Fort Frostmoth
"Don't worry about reavers around here. Our northern patrols run into them now and then, but they stay away from defended settlements and forts like this one."
"There are diseased wolves and bears out there. A few cure potions wouldn't be a bad idea."
"Smuggler camps can be found all over the island. We'll clean them out one of these days. One at a time."
"Ever been to Brodir Grove? Those stones used to be men, before some nasty wizard got to 'em. That's what the legend says, anyway"
"Heard the stories about a flying ship? They say it was headed north of here into a thick blizzard. Can't imagine it survived that storm."
"Locals say berserkers aren't normal, they've gone wild and roam among the animals on the island."
"Watch yourself at Thirsk. Nothing but a bunch of drunken barbarians, I tell you."
Skaal Village
"I'm telling you, I saw a ship flying in the sky! It was headed west into the Moesring Mountains. I lost sight of it when a blizzard hit."
"Our ancestral barrows can be found all over the island. I wouldn't go into them, if I were you."
"Did you hear? Sigvatr the Strong killed Gustav Two-Teeth in cold blood! Gustav's widow Kolfinna is seeking retribution. She deserves it, if you ask me."
"You didn't hear this from me, but Kjolver is looking to hire someone for some kind of job...someone who's not afraid to get blood on their gauntlets, if you know what I mean."
"Wolves are fine creatures but some can be diseased, and they become a danger to us all."
Raven Rock
"Have you heard what the natives say about reavers? I've heard Fort Frostmoth patrols encounter them up north."
"I've heard there's a spot just to the south of us that always seems to have smugglers come ashore. There are other spots around the island that smugglers like to use as camps."
"They say there is buried treasure somewhere on Solstheim. Problem is, nobody has ever found the map."
"Be careful out there. Seems like everywhere you turn, there's a wolf or bear waiting to maul you."
"Finally, a boat to Fort Frostmoth. I often see you coming and going. You should check it out. It's on the shore just south of us."
"Athyn Sarethi may be the 'Hope of the Redoran,' but someone wants him dead. He's fended off three Morag Tong attacks already."
"The guar herders west of Ald'ruhn were having trouble with bandits."
"Odral Helvi was arrested on charges of smuggling. It seems someone he hired for a delivery of smuggled ebony turned him over to the authorities. Now Helvi's cooling his heels in some lockup on the mainland, awaiting trial."
"House Redoran is really steamed up about the Caldera land grab. They say that Caldera is in their territory, and that they should have gotten the charter. Worse yet, they say that Hlaalu is skimming the top off the Imperial fatcat company that got the charter. Since it's an Imperial company, Redoran can't even get a House War contract on it. It'll come to violence, you mark my words."
"Uriel Septim is sick, and wizards say his heir, Geldall Septim, and the younger Septims, Enman and Ebel, are just doppelgangers placed in the household during Jagar Tharn's tenure as Imperial Battlemage. They say the Guard charged a mob demanding destruction of the false heirs -- lots of folks were killed."
Maar Gan
"The word I hear is that a team of smugglers are working out of a cave in the hills south of Maar Gan."
"Would you believe it? Even after the trouble in the Plaza, 'The Horror of Castle Xyr' is still going on. It's playing in the west of Godsreach, near the Palace. It's the right thing to do, though. Life must go on."
"I think everyone's still in shock. I've heard they came from the old Dwemer ruins. Perhaps there're ancient Dwemer guard machines, come to life somehow, or under control of some unknown enemy. We're all worried. Suppose they come back?"
"Everything seems to be under control. People are at their best in emergencies like this. But I hope someone can find out what those things are, and where they came from, and what they're doing here."
"The situation in Plaza Brindisi Dorom is under control. But -- you were there, I guess. I've heard it was pretty terrible."
"With all the troubles on Vvardenfell, any decent mercenaries demand fancy wages there, and get them, no questions asked. Doesn't leave much choice around here for hiring. That Imperial fellow, Calvus Horatius, is the only one I know about. He's new to Mournhold -- no reputation, no references -- but he looks like a veteran, and has an honest face."
"Someone brought a big piece of adamantium ore out of the ruins again. You'd think they'd have been worked clean by now. But, then again, they say they're still parts of the old city left unexplored after all these centuries. It's partly a matter of engineering -- most passages of the old city collapsed ages ago. But it's also a matter of what's down in those sealed passages. Some says those passages were sealed for a reason."
"One of the Hands of Almalexia is wandering around Godsreach, muttering and acting strange."
"Whatever you do, don't play cards with Galms Seles. The word is that he's a hustler just moved here from Vvardenfell."
"Have you seen 'The Horror of Castle Xyr' yet? It's playing in the west of Godsreach, near the Palace, shows continuous daily. It's quite an honor to have Tarvus Beleth is in the starring role -- he's one of the best known actors in the East."
"I'd like to step into the Winged Guar for a mazte, but after all the trouble they've been having there, I'm afraid to get caught in some brawl. Hession needs to get a bouncer who can handle that crowd."
"Haven't been any shows at the Robot Arena lately. Has Ignatius Flaccus been having problems with his Dwemer centurions again?"
"Packrats. Really. You think I'm kidding. But Rerlas Mon is selling them in the Great Bazaar. You'd be surprised how well-trained they are, and how much they can carry. Cheap, too. And in a tight spot, they're pretty good for stew."
"Did you hear the guards caught and killed the thief who stole the Bipolar Blade from the Museum of Artifacts? Those artifacts are so valuable that as soon as Torasa Aram reported the theft, immediate kill-on-sight orders went out to the guards. I don't know why anyone would be so stupid as to steal from the Museum. I mean... where could you fence a priceless item like that?"
"Detritus Caria at the Craftsmen's Hall? He's not a craftsmen at all -- just a collector. Collects the strangest things -- spoons, candlesticks, plates. Says it's hard to come by complete sets of some things, and people will pay good money for them. Takes all kinds to make a world."
"I don't like the looks of that Dovor Oren character. He's always so nice and friendly -- it isn't natural. He's around here all the time, asking questions and acting nosy -- and then suddenly you don't see him anymore. Like he disappeared or something. I don't like seeing him, but NOT seeing him makes me nervous."
"I thought Widow Thendas was going to have an estate sale to sell off some of that loot her late husband collected. She said she was going sell off some things a while back, but I keep asking about it, and she says she's still got a lot to do."
"Have you seen that mage Dilborn around lately? You know... the little guy who travels around with the big barbarian brute. They look so cute together. Dilborn is quite the charmer, and his big friend, Thrud, is pleasant enough if you keep to words of one syllable. But Dilborn has an unfortunate gambling problem. He loses... and keeps borrowing and losing some more. I hope he hasn't gotten himself in big trouble...."
"Have you heard anyone talking about 'plague' or anything? I thought I overheard a pair of priests talking quietly about something like 'red plague' or something... but they shut right up when I tried to get closer to them."
"Beggars are really becoming a problem in Mournhold. They just won't take 'no' for an answer. Sure, this is Almalexia's City of Love and Charity. But sometimes I want to smack those whining pests."
"There've been a lot of thefts lately -- high-class stuff, not just petty burglary and pickpocketing. I think there's someone new in town. Someone ambitious. Someone really good."
"We used to feel the love and concern of the Tribunal -- here in Mournhold most especially, since it is the home of the Lady of Mercy, Almalexia, and her temple. But now we feel more like... I don't know exactly... confusion... fear... uneasiness... something missing... something wrong."
"Why have people strayed from the Tribunal Temple? Actually, the wonder is that they've stayed in the Temple at all. It is true that the Tribunal have protected us from Dagoth Ur, and that is a big job -- a critical job. But as gods, they've become almost like Western gods -- absent and silent. What made them special was that they were Living Gods, among the people, a personal presence. Now the Mournhold Temple and the Ordinators are more oppressive than protective."
"Almalexia is the Lady of Mercy, Mother of us all, healer and protector. But Almalexia has been more concerned with Dagoth Ur and his threats for years. Mournhold doesn't feel much like the City of Love any more, but hard times demand hard gods."
"The sick, the needy, and the poor don't get the same attention they used to get when Almalexia walked among the people herself. The Temple still tries to help these people, but it's not the same."
"None of the Tribunal have been seen in public in years. I know the strain of the war with Dagoth Ur has kept them busy. But what good is it having Living Gods if you never see them?"
"There seems to be a new, strange disease going around. Nerile Andaren -- the healer over at the Temple -- has been asking around for anyone who knows anything about all the rats we've been seeing."
"The wild rats have been a real problem in Mournhold lately."
"A sailor from Soulrest says he heard the Expeditionary Force has put down the tribal uprisings in Black Marsh. He says local traders expect exports of gold and timber to resume after the plantations and mines are rebuilt."
"Have you heard? Seven victims? Here in Vivec? All with their throats slit? When it was just a few outlanders killed, the Ordinators weren't making much fuss. But now that they've had two of their own people with slit throats, they seem very concerned at the Hall of Justice. I've heard that the Office of the Watch is quietly looking around for some special help. Anything that can kill TWO Ordinators before they can draw their weapons sounds like it will NEED special help."

Little AdviceEdit

"Yes, buying and selling Dwarven artifacts without an Imperial charter is illegal. But I've never heard of anyone pinched for it."
"Llevana Salaren at the Temple in Molag Mar is the most knowledgeable acrobat I know. I didn't say BEST acrobat. There's [sic] others who can leap higher and jump farther, but she can TALK acrobat talk better than any other acrobat I've ever met."
"Mervs Uvayn has been an agent for House Hlaalu for quite a while. You'll find him at the Hlaalu Council Manor in Balmora. Talk to him if you want to know about the agent's trade."
Alchemist/Alchemist Service
"Anarenen at the Ald'ruhn Guild of Mages is happy to talk your ear off about alchemy. He's been on Vvardenfell a while, and knows everything there is to know about practicing the profession here."
Apothecary Service
"Tendris Vedran is the person I'd talk to if I wanted to know about the apothecary's trade in Morrowind. I've spoken with him on several occasions, and he's smart, well-spoken, and well-informed."
"If you want to talk to an archer about archery, talk to Ian in Ebonheart. You can usually find him wandering around on the plaza near the docks, where the dragon statue is."
Assassin/Assassin Service
"Most assassins don't like to talk about their trade. Take the Morag Tong, for instance. Tight-lipped about everything. But Ingokning, the assassin at the Skyrim Mission in Ebonheart? He [sic] doesn't mind talking. In fact, he'll [sic] bend your ear if you aren't careful."
"Briring is a barbarian at the Skyrim Mission in Ebonheart. He's remarkably educated and well-spoken for a barbarian, but he knows the things a barbarian should know."
Battlemage/Battlemage Service
"Albecius Colollius is a veteran battlemage. He hangs out at Arrille's Tradehouse in Seyda Neen. Talk to him if you want to know about battlemages and how they work here in Morrowind."
"If you need to know about clothes, and you want to talk to a clothier, talk to Milie Hastien in Balmora."
"There's a crusader in residence at Desele's House of Earthly Delights in Suran. His name is Snorri. Talk to him if you want a good, long lecture on a crusader's experiences on Vvardenfell."
"Flaenia Amiulusus is a drillmaster at the Balmora Fighters Guild. If you want to talk to someone about the drillmaster's trade, she's the one I'd pick."
Enchanter/Enchanter Service
"If you want to talk to an enchanter about enchanting, try Galar Rothan at the Telvanni Council House. He's not a stiff shirt like a lot of the Telvanni wizards, and he knows his stuff."
Healer/Healer Service
"Are you interested in the healer's trade in Morrowind? Maybe you should talk with Ygfa at Fort Pelagiad in Pelagiad village. She's very nice, experienced, and very patient with questions."'
"Have you met Gudling the Rascal in your travels? Lately he's taken up residence at St. Veloth's Hostel in Molag Mar. If you're interested in the hunter's craft, he's worth talking to."
"My notion of the ideal knight is an Orc named Dumbuk gro-Bolak. He serves with the Legion under General Darius up in Gnisis. You'll usually find him in the barracks. Look him up. He knows his trade, and Vvardenfell."
Mage/Mage Service
"If you want to know everything there is to know about being a mage, let me suggest Estirdalin at the Balmora Mages Guild. You want to talk to an expert in the trade, patient, and well-spoken -- someone who likes to talk about the subjects. You don't want a trainer -- not unless you expect to pay for the information. And you don't want someone too busy or important to talk to you. Try Estirdalin. He's [sic] smart, friendly, and ready to talk."
"The master-at-arms at Fort Pelagiad, Angoril, is a good source if you are curious about the master-at-arms's trade in Morrowind. He's a little long-winded, but he knows his stuff, and he's always willing."
"If you need to know something about the merchant's trade, talk to Bolrin in Ebonheart at the East Empire Company Hall. He's been a merchant with the East Empire Company here for years, and he knows his stuff."
Monk/Monk Service
"You should speak with the monk An-Deesei at the Argonian Mission. If the monk's life interests you, that is."
Nightblade/Nightblade Service
"Eraamion at the Caldera Guild of Mages is a useful resource if you have questions about the nightblade's trade as it is practiced in Morrowind."
"Artisa Arelas is a well-traveled and knowledgeable pilgrim. She works over in the Canon Offices at the Temple. If you're polite and respectful, she'll answer any questions you have."
Priest/Priest Service
"Vala Catraso at the Ald'ruhn Guild of Mages runs a little class for new arrivals in Vvardenfell. And, by the way, she is also happy to talk about her vocation as priest."
"Athal Nerano is the proverbial 'silver-tongued rogue'. He knows the rogue's trade, and loves to talk about it. He lists his residence as Madach's Tradehouse in Gnisis."
"If you want to know about a place on Vvardenfell, talk to a scout. And the scout I'd talk to is Elone. You can find her at Arrille's Tradehouse in Seyda Neen. She's traveled all over the island."
"If you want to talk to a smith about his trade, talk to Garothmuk gro-Muzgub. He is not a master smith, but he's well-spoken, friendly, and knows a lot about smithing in Morrowind."
Sorcerer/Sorcerer Service
"If you want to know the sorcerer's tricks and trade, talk to Smokey Morth at Varo's Tradehouse in Vos. It's a long trek, but few sorcerers are as friendly and down-to-earth as Smokey."
"If you want to talk with a spellsword with extensive experience in Morrowind, talk to Strillian Macro at the barracks in Gnisis. He's served with several garrisons on Vvardenfell, knows the island and its people, and doesn't mind taking time out to talk with anyone who shares his interest in his profession."
Thief/Thief Service
Fenas Madach is the thief's thief. Retired, of course. Or so he says. He has a business up in Gnisis, Madach's Tradehouse. You want to talk shop with a thief, go talk to Fenas Madach.""
Trader/Trader Service
"You want to know about traders and how they work in Morrowind, talk to Nalion at the Gateway Inn in Sadrith Mora. He knows what he's talking about."
"If you were to ask me for the model of a warrior, I'd have to say Miles Gloriosus. He's at the Andus Tradehouse in Maar Gan right now, on a crusade to kill off all the monsters sneaking through the Ghostfence, but he always has time to talk with an admirer."
Wise Woman/Wise Woman Service
"It's hard to find a wise woman who'll talk about her trade. If you're interested, you might try Maela Kaushad in Vos. She married a villager, left the tribes, and settled down in town."
"If you're looking for someone to talk to about the witchhunter's trade in Morrowind, you should talk to Melvure Rindu at the Hall of Justice in Vivec."
Molag Mar
"Most pilgrims will need guards and guides to reach the pilgrim sites, but someone like you should have no trouble on your own. Follow Foyada Ilibaal northwest to Mount Kand, then Mount Assarnibibi is northeast of Mount Kand, across Foyada Zabirbael. Just take your time, keep landmarks in sight, and be ready to hoof it back to the stronghold if you get in trouble."

Little SecretEdit

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Likewise, the info NPCs offer through the little secret topic can also vary on where the NPC is, what faction they belong to, what race they are, what quests you have completed, and many other factors.

"If you're thinking of traveling up country, near Sheogorad, or out Molag Amur way, or inside the Ghostfence, you need to know about corprus. It's a disease that turns normal creatures into beasts. Turns men into twisted, mad lumps of flesh, superhumanly strong, and full of hatred. You get corprus from fighting with diseased creatures. It's hard to get corprus, but harder to get rid of it. In fact, I hear there is no cure."
"Buy from merchants and traders who like you. You get better prices. Members of your own factions usually like you best."
"If someone attacks you first, you have the right to defend yourself. If someone DOESN'T attack you first, you're going to break the law if you attack him."
"Talk to everyone. Talk is cheap. Ask questions. You don't ask, you never learn."
[If NPC is male, not a Dark Elf, and not part of the Ashlanders] "Vampires are not as much of a problem here as back in the West. Here, the Dark Elves burned them out centuries ago, and the Temple makes sure they don't come back."
[If NPC is female] "They say they don't have much of a problem here with vampires. From my experience, that's the truth in the settled parts of Vvardenfell. But in the backcountry, you hear rumors. Out near Dagon Fel, Maar Gan, Molag Mar, you hear people talk of running into vampires in Dwemer ruins, and in ancestral tombs. Best to be careful. You don't want to run into those babies. And if you do, you want a nice, crisp copy of Divine Intervention so you can get safe, fast, all in one piece."
[If NPC is female and a Dark Elf] "In Morrowind, we don't like to hear about vampires. We know that, back West, the Mages Guild helps them hide. The Mages Guild is full of necromancers, and we don't like that one bit. If we see a vampire here in Morrowind, we put him on a stake and roast him. Well, truth be, we tell the Ordinators, let them take care of it. Private citizens have no business fighting vampires. They're too dangerous."
[If NPC is male and not in Balmora, Vivec, Ald'ruhn, or Sadrith Mora] "Daedra? You know what they are, right? Well, Daedric shrines are where Daedra cults worship Daedra. Bad people who summon bad Daedra. Stay away from them. Why? Because Daedra are nasty. And the folks that worship them are even nastier."
"How do you recognize a Daedric shrine? Well, they've got long, funny names, like Ashurnibibi or Zaintiraris. Some are well-known sites, like Ald Sotha and Bal Fell. And stone and architecture is unmistakable. Big, dark, grey-green stone ruins, funny angles, funny markings and patterns on the stone. Weird oval crooked doors. And inside, all funny angles."
[If NPC is female, a Dark Elf, and not in Balmora, Vivec, Ald'ruhn, or Sadrith Mora] "What are the most dangerous places in Morrowind? Well, probably the ash vampire citadels inside the Ghost Fence, on Red Mountain. But outside the Ghostfence? I guess the Daedric ruins would be the worst. They're all over the place, and full of bad Daedra, and the crazy folks who summon them. I hear vampires are pretty bad, too, but I've never seen any, personally. And the Dwemer sites are pretty bad, too."
[If NPC is female, a Dark Elf, and not in Balmora, Vivec, Ald'ruhn, or Sadrith Mora] "You're an outlander, maybe you don't know about the kinds of Daedric ruins we have here in Morrowind. Daedra cults worship the Bad Daedra. You can learn more about that at the Temple. Anyway, long ago, before the Temple put a stop to it, people used to worship bad Daedra -- Molag Bal, Malacath, Sheogorath, and Mehrunes Dagon -- at Daedra shrines. But lately, since the Empire came in, some people have taken up worshipping the bad Daedra at these old sites. And I warn you. These are dangerous places."
Ashlanders in general
"Kushtashpi, that is the name of old Daedric stones west of Ahemmusa camp. No one goes there. It is a deep and dark place."
Ashlanders in Ahemmusa Camp
[Zergonipal is marked on your map] "The old stones at Zergonipal... beneath those stones are dark chambers and a great statue. None of our people have been there in many years."
"Are you interested in seeing the old places of the Daedra worshippers? Look upon Esutanamus. It sits upon an island east of the mainland beaches, southeast of the Telvanni town of Tel Mora. Sometimes a champion will enter there in search of ancient weapons and treasures."
"South and west of Kushtashpi, the old Daedric place west of Ahemmusa camp, is the entrance to an old cavern called Sanit. That is where they found two hunter [sic] dead, their flesh white and bloated by the corprus. That is not a place where a wise man would go."
Ashlanders in Erabenimsun Camp
"Southeast of Erabenimsun camp is an old stone place called Tusenend. That is where we send outlanders when we are tired of listening to them."
"All outlanders are looking for the old Deep Elf places. Have you heard of Nchardumz? Maybe not. Maybe you will be surprised when you see it."
"Do the old places of the Deep Elves interest you? Then you should go see Nchuleftingth. The walls still glow with strange lights, and terrible things walk and squeal in the passages. it is a bad place, and very dangerous, but it is filled with wonders."
Ashlanders in Urshilaku Camp
[Druscashti is marked on your map] "Vampires have returned to Vvardenfell. In the ruins of the Deep Elves at Druscashti. They are foul, and must be destroyed... but these are difficult times, and who can risk his life or his tribe by drawing the attention of such creatures?"
[Assurnabitashpi is marked on your map] "At the ruins of Assurnabitashpi, they have an old shrine to Mehrunes Dagon. Stay far from that place -- it is cursed."
[Valenvaryon is marked on your map] "The ancient Dunmer stronghold at Valenvaryon... we have seen orcs there. Orcs worship Malacath. It is a bad place."
Ashlanders in Zainab Camp
"Southeast of Zainab camp is an old cave they call Pulk. Everyone says there are bandits hiding there. But I do not know if it is true. I have not seen for myself."
[Nchuleft is marked on your map] "Do the old places of the Deep Elves interest you? then you must look upon Nchuleft. That place is very old, and you can still go down inside. The walls still glow with strange lights, and terrible things walk and squeal in the passages."
[Indoranyon is marked on your map] "Everyone knows the people who worship Mehrunes Dagon have returned to Indoranyon. It is none of our business, and they are very unpleasant if disturbed. They stay in the dark, and do not bother us or our herds."
Camonna Tong
"So, you think House Hlaalu is just an Imperial puppet? Shows what you know. Who really runs House Hlaalu? Not the house council. Those posers do what Orvas Dren tells them. Orvas Dren is the Camonna Tong kingpin. And one day, when the time is right, Orvas Dren, the Camonna Tong, and all right-thinking Dunmer will rise up, murder you outlanders in your beds, and restore Morrowind to its ancient glory."
Fighters Guild
"You like to poke your nose into doors out in the backcountry? A little suggestion. The places that look like they're made of a golden metal? With spires and towers? Those are Dwarven ruins. They're kinda dangerous -- partly because of the old Dwarven machines in them, and partly because of the kind of things that like to hide out in such old ruins. All the old ruins inside the Ghostfence, for example, are ancient Dwarven ruins. And I hear that vampires like them, too."
"Keep your weapons sharp, your armor in good shape. If you can't afford to have others do it, learn to do it yourself. Get the best quality you can afford. You can be no better than the quality of your tools."
[If NPC rank is Protector or above] "I'm %Rank rank in %Faction, and I'd think twice about going down in a Daedric ruin without a crateful of potions and scrolls."
[If NPC rank is Protector or above, and you are below level 8] "You want my advice, rookie? I've been around. I've risen to %Rank rank in this outfit by being smart and careful. And if I were you, I'd stay away from Daedric ruins until you have a little more experience, and a heftier kit bag."
House Hlaalu
"If you're having trouble persuading someone, offer a bribe. Don't be so stuffy. Bribes are the lubricant of honest commerce."
House Redoran
"If you help someone, they'll remember. If you're loyal to others, they'll be loyal to you. Do the right thing. You know the right thing. Do the right thing, so you'll never regret what you've done."
House Telvanni
"Sadrith Mora is the best town to shop for spells."
Mages Guild
"Everybody can learn a few spells. You don't need to be a wizard to cast spells. It makes life easier. And when you learn a spell, practice. It's the only way to learn, and it helps to pass the time."
"Interested in Dwarven artifacts? Fine. Dwarven ruins are fascinating. And there's good loot. Just one suggestion: you find yourself over your head, back out, and go back to running errands and hunting rats for a while. Seriously. Those centurions -- spider centurions, sphere centurions, steam centurions -- they are far too dangerous for most adventurers."
[If NPC rank is Conjurer or above] "I'm %Rank rank in %Faction, and I'd think twice about going down in a Daedric ruin without a crateful of potions and scrolls."
[If NPC rank is Conjurer or above, and you are below level 6] "You want my advice, rookie? I've been around. I've risen to %Rank rank in the Guild by being smart and careful. And if I were you, I'd stay away from Daedric ruins until you have a little more experience, and a heftier kit bag."
Morag Tong
"Never take a life carelessly. It cheapens you, and diminishes you. Take life seriously, if taking life is your profession."
Thieves Guild
"Always carry a jug of sujamma with you. That burst of strength, and the ability to penetrate armor and deal serious damage, will give you the one-time punch to face an opponent you normally can't handle."
"There's a lot of money to be made looting the Dwarven ruins. Against the law, yes, but where's there's a profit to be made, folks turn a blind eye. One problem -- the artifacts are often made of metal, and heavy as hell. Unless you're a big brute, it's tough to carry away all the loot. Me, I carry a Divine Intervention or an Almsivi intervention scroll. Load up, read the scroll, and I'm back in town with a load of goods."
[If NPC is rank Operative or higher] "I'm %Rank rank in %Faction, and I'd think twice about going down in a Daedric ruin without a crateful of potions and scrolls."

Other topicsEdit

lesser saints
"The lesser saints of the Temple are: Saint Felms the Bold -- Butchers, Fishmongers, Saint Llothis the Pious -- Tailors, Dyers, Saint Meris the Peacemaker -- Farmers, Laborers, Saint Roris the Martyr -- Furnishers and Caravaners, Saint Aralor the Penitent -- Tanners and Miners, Saint Delyn the Wise -- Potters, Glassmakers, Saint Olms the Just -- Sailors, Chandlers, Clerks, Saint Rilms the Barefooted -- Pilgrims, Beggars, and Saint Seryn the Merciful -- Brewers, Bakers, Distillers."
light armor styles:


"Both the Western 'militia' and eastern 'Ashlander' armor styles depends on light, cheap leather armors. The Eastern reinforced chitin armor, however, is distinctly superior to Western-style leather armors, and offers better protection, pound for pound and drake for drake, than any other armor. The 'glass' light armors of the noble Great Houses are in the high Altmer style, strikingly light and stylish, and comparable with the ebony and daedric in protection, but are expensive and in short supply." (Disposition 30)
long blades:


"The broadsword, saber, longsword, and claymore are Western weapons. The katana and dai-katana are Akaviri-style blades. Long blades, one-handed or two-handed, and the most common weapons here. The claymore and dai-katana are two-handed weapons, and relatively heavy and slow; the rest are one-handed. Rank them by effectiveness as broadsword, saber, longsword, katana, claymore, and dai-katana, with broadsword least effective." (Disposition 30)
"You were visited by Tiber Septim! We heard this - - we were told that the Oracle of the Imperial Cult in the Imperial Chapels of Ebonheart says you saw Tiber Septim. Did you see him in the flesh? Did you see his ghost? Did he come and speak to you? Is that true? Wonders never cease."
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