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"A calcinator is a stove or crucible which reduces metals and substances to ash so their arcane properties can be separated from the dross. They must be made of porcelain or iron device to withstand the high temperatures necessary to reduce certain substances to ash."
"Caldera is a town, and a mine. Slaves work in the mine. We know nothing about the town."
"Caldera is an Imperial charter town, part of the Caldera Mining Company charter, which grants the company rights to mine ebony from the right deposits here. The Caldera ebony mines themselves lie to the southwest. The town has a real Western flavor -- makes outlanders feel right at home. Caldera is rich, and bound to get richer, since the profits from the ebony exports continue to grow as the mine operations grow."
"Caldera is a recently chartered Imperial town and mining corporation. The Caldera Mining Company has been granted an Imperial monopoly to remove raw ebony from the rich deposits here. Caldera has the appearance and flavor of a Western Imperial town."
Caldera Ebony Mines

Khajiit will say:

"The Caldera ebony mines are southwest of the village of Caldera. Did you know slaves work the mines here? No, perhaps not. Nothing to see here in town. Nothing to offend the eye. What is not seen, does not offend, yes? But perhapsĀ %PCName should not speak about this in public. And who would listen, anyway? What is done matters, not what is said."

Argonians will say:

"The Caldera ebony mines are southwest of the village of Caldera. There's an office, a bunkhouse, and guard tower over near the mine entrance. They work the mines by slave labor. That would never be allowed back West, but here, in Morrowind, slavery is still legal. I think it is a disgrace. But who cares what I think?"

Slaves in the Caldera Mine will say:

"Welcome to the famous ebony mines of Caldera. What are you in for?"
Caldera Mining Company
"The Caldera Mine Company is chartered by the Emperor to extract ebony ore from rich underground deposits here."
"The Caldera Mining Company owns the mine."
Camonna Tong
"The Camonna Tong is the old criminal syndicate here in Morrowind. And, as everyone around here knows, there's a gang war between the Thieves Guild and the Camonna Tong. In Balmora, the Camonna Tong hangs out over at the cornerclub called the Council Club. Watch yourself if you go in there. They're not very nice people."
"As you probably know, the Camonna Tong is the old criminal syndicate here in Morrowind. And, as EVERYONE around here knows, the Thieves Guild is at war with the Camonna Tong. We're the new gang in town, and the Camonna Tong want us to be the dead-and-gone gang. If you are looking for the Camonna Tong, their Balmora hangout is the cornerclub called the Council Club."
"We're just a society of businessmen. We're Dunmer, and we're proud. We're tired of seeing Morrowind run by outsiders who understand nothing about Morrowind. And we're tired of trying to explain this, over and over again, to ignorant outlanders."
"We're just natives, trying to get along. It isn't easy, with all the ignorant foreigners sticking their noses where they don't belong. Can I make it any clearer, outlander?"
"The Camonna Tong are known for their brutal disregard for human life."
"The Camonna Tong are in direct competition with the Thieves Guild for control of illegal trade, and they have sworn to exterminate the upstart outlander newcomers."
"The Camonna Tong has grown powerful and ruthless since the Imperial occupation, and have great influence in the higher ranks of House Hlaalu."
"The Camonna Tong is Morrowind's native criminal syndicate."
"Vivec's cantons are buildings with many levels. The upperworks are the rooftops with shops and rich folks' manors. The waistworks are the next tier down, usually shops and guilds, with some apartments. Canalside is the lowest level, where poor folks live. The underworks are sewers below canalside; only grubbers and cleaners go down there. The corridors are like mazes, so watch how you go. The Temple built all the cantons, and leases them to shops, guilds, and residents."
Castle Karstaag
"I've never heard of it. There have been rumors about some giant ice castle to the north, but I don't believe them."
"It is the lair of the frost giant Karstaag. The Skaal hold an uneasy truce with this monster."
"To the far north is a great castle of ice. Is this the place you speak of?"
Cave Rat
"The cave rat is a subterranean variety of the hardy, abundant hunter-scavenger. Rat meat is tough and greasy, with an unpleasant odor and taste. Nonetheless, it is cheap, abundant, and nutritious, and palatable when cooked in a stew and masked by strong, strong spices."
Centurion Sphere
"The centurion sphere is an enchanted animated artifact of Dwemer creation. These aggressive and dangerous devices compress into a ball when inactive, and transform into a mobile warrior when aroused. Scrap metal collected from Dwemer artifacts is rare and precious, and prized both by collectors of antiquities and students of metals and enchantments."
Centurion Spider
"The centurion spider is an enchanted animated artifact of Dwemer creation. Constructed in the form of large metal spiders, they are aggressive and dangerous. Scrap metal collected from Dwemer artifacts is rare and precious, and prized both by collectors of antiquities and students of metals and enchantments."
"Vvardenfell's greatest challenges are its mutually hostile cultures, its cruel and untamed wildernesses, and the troubling phenomenon of the Blight. The Temple and traditional Dunmer cultures are in direct opposition to the values of the Imperial conqueror's colonists, and the interests of each Great House conflict with the interests of the other Great Houses. Only the Imperial Legions and the Duke's shrewd policies prevent political disputes from expanding into civil unrest or warfare.
Even the Legions, however, cannot extend their protection into the sparsely inhabited wastelands of Vvardenfell, where bandits, necromancers, witches, fiends, and monsters find refuge, emerging to threaten the lives of explorers, colonists, and traders. The greatest, and most obscure, threat is the Blight, a mysterious weather-like phenomenon emanating from the crater of Dagoth Ur, warping and poisoning creatures in its path, and creating diseased horrors that attack travelers and outlying settlements."
"Chimer -- literally "the People of the North," an archaic and poetic usage -- were the Elven tribes who followed the prophet Veloth out of the southwest of Tamriel to settle in the lands now known as Morrowind. Dunmer fable says that before their skin turned dark with the Curse, the Dark Elves were known as the Chimer."
"Chokeweed is a tough shrub growing in the rocky highlands of the West Gash."
Choose a Hortator
"A Hortator is chosen by consensus. Everyone has to agree. A single 'no' is a veto. First a Great House has to choose a Hortator. Then that Hortator has to go persuade the other Great Houses to agree to name him Hortator of their houses, too. A very difficult system. No Great House wants to give the honor to a member of another Great House. But luckily, it's mostly honorary, and doesn't cost a House anything. So it might not be that bad, after all."
Choosing a Great House
"If you are thinking of joining a Great House, study all three Great Houses, and think carefully before you join, because once you've joined one house, no other house will ever consider you for membership. Loyalty is very important in the Great Houses. When you join, you become family, and, by Dunmer standards, it's a matter of blood and kin, and irreversible. Even if you get kicked out of one house, no other house will have you."
Chronicles of Nchuleft
"Chronicles of Nchuleft? It is a very rare book, but you might find a copy in Vivec." (said by Booksellers during the quest Chronicles of Nchuleft.)
"%Name owns no copies of Chronicles of Nchuleft. Speak with Jobasha in Vivec. Jobasha has many rare books." (said by Khajiit Booksellers who are not Jobasha during the quest Chronicles of Nchuleft.)
Citizens of the Empire
"Sure. We're citizens. We don't have much choice, do we?"
"The Dunmer of House Hlaalu are generally proud to be citizens of the Empire. Oh, we complain about the taxes and bureaucrats and greedy merchants like everyone else, but being part of the Empire means free trade and prosperity, and we like that. Other Dunmer -- Houses Redoran and Telvanni, devout Temple-goers, Ashlanders -- are less enthusiastic about the Empire and Imperial control of Morrowind."
"We've had peace and prosperity in Morrowind under the Empire for centuries. It's a government by law, and the Legions enforce that law. The Empire has free trade and free religion, so we're rich in pockets and in spirit. Yes, there is corruption. Yes, there are crimes and criminals. Yes, the rich get richer, and the poor poorer. But overall, things are pretty good."
"As a clanfriend of the Urshilaku, you may rest in any Urshilaku bed. But you may not harm another Urshilaku, and must not take their things. Do not offend against these rules of hospitality, or you will no longer be our friend."
"The clannfear is a fierce, green, lizardlike bipedal Daedric summoning. Daedra hearts have modest magical properties, and are prized by alchemists."
Cliff Racer
"The long-tailed cliff racer is an aggressive, dangerous flying creature with a large vertical sail along its spine. Racer plumes from the native bird-like cliff racer are used locally and throughout the Empire as decorations for garments and household goods."
"In Morrowind we speak of four different levels of clothing quality: common, expensive, extravagant, and exquisite. Common clothes are cheap and serviceable. Merchants and lesser nobility wear expensive clothes. Extravagant clothes are worn by wealthy merchants and nobles of upper rank. Only the most wealthy can afford exquisite clothes. Persons of exalted rank may not even speak to you if you are unsuitably dressed, so if you plan to deal with the upper classes, make sure you are well-dressed."
"The comberry is a bush that produces a bitter berry, best known as the basis of the native comberry brandy, a rough but potent alcoholic beverage of Morrowind. Comberry is grown in the Ascadian Isles."
Common Disease
"There are sixteen common diseases, outlander: rockjoint, helljoint, witbane, chills, serpiginous dementia, greenspore, dampworm, rust chancre, droops, ataxia, wither, swamp fever, collywobbles, brown rot, yellow tick, rattles. The healers of the settled peoples divide them into three kinds: mild, serious, and acute. Serious and acute are more dangerous, of course, but none of them are fatal. But you must get them cured, or they weaken you, and people won't want to talk to you."
"The conjuration discipline is the mastery of the spell effects of the College of Conjuration. The conjuration spells summon magical items and beings from the outer realms to serve the caster. Conjuring effects include the mental domination of mundane and magical creatures, summoning of otherworldly weapons and armor, and summoning of Daedric servants and powers to serve and protect the caster."
Conjuration Expert
"Hmm. Conjuration expert? Here? In Sadrith Mora? Well, my first thought would be Master Neloth, the mage-lord of Tel Naga. He's a mickle wizard. But Conjuration is not his specialty. In fact, I don't know anyone in Sadrith Mora who TEACHES Conjuration. No. Wait. Uleni Heleran at the Mages Guild at Wolverine Hall teaches Conjuration. I'm sure of it."
"Hmm. Conjuration expert? Well, Uleni Heleran of the Mages Guild here at Wolverine Hall teaches Conjuration. Is that what you're looking for? Training?"
Conjuration Spells
"Unlike spells of the other colleges, there are few variants and versions of the conjuration spells, other than according to effect duration. There are four different classes of restoration spells: domination spells, summoning spells, bound weapons spells, and bound armor spells."
Corkbulb Root
"Corkbulb trees are grown for their tough, fibrous roots which have modest magical properties. On Vvardenfell corkbulb root is used in place of wood, since trees won't grow in this harsh environment. Corkbulb grows best in the Ascadian Isles."
Corprus Disease
"I'm sorry. But we can't help you. We can't cure corprus. Victims must go to the Corprusarium beneath Tel Fyr, the tower of the Telvanni wizard Divayth Fyr. You will go mad, and your body becomes fat and distorted with unnatural growths. It is always fatal. Sometimes it progresses slowly, sometimes in a matter of days. There is no hope. Go to the Corprusarium, or you may give the disease to others."
Corprus in Ald'ruhn*
"There's blight plague in Fort Buckmoth! Trooper went mad, turned into a fat, beast with sores and flabby chunks of flesh hanging off. Then he dropped dead, just like that. You can't make me go anywhere near that fort."
"Did you hear? They've got corprus in Fort Buckmoth! A trooper got corprus and died. Went mad. Turned into a monster. Whole fort's in an uproar."
Corprus Weepings
"Corprus weepings are hardened secretions that fall from the fleshy sores of corprus victims."
Council Club
"The Balmora Council Club is across from the Silt Strider."
Crab Meat
"The mudcrab native to Vvardenfell is prized for its sweet crab meat. The flesh of the mudcrab is both tasty and possessed of modest magical properties."
Crassius Curio
"Councilor Crassius Curio has a splendid mansion in the plaza atop the Hlaalu Canton here in Vivec."
Crater Citadels
"The only approach to the crater citadels is up Foyada EsannudanĀ [sic] from Fort Moonmoth, through the Ghostfence at the fortress of Ghostgate, and down into the crater."
"The ancient Dwemer citadels on Red Mountain are no longer known by their Dwemer names, but now take the names of their Dagoth Lords: Endusal, Odrosal, Vemynal, Tureynulal, and Dagoth Ur."
"Five ancient Dwemer citadels in the crater of Red Mountain are occupied by Dagoth Ur and his ash vampire kin."
Cunius Pelelius

This topic appears for the Imperial Cult quest, Donation from Cunius Pelelius.

People in Caldera's Governor's Hall will say:

"I'm afraid I can't comment on Cunius Pelelius' money problems."
"It would not be wise for me to comment on Cunius Pelelius' money problems. But... perhaps you should speak with Olumba gro-Boglar. He is not afraid to speak his mind. You should find him here in the Governor's Hall." (Disposition 50)
"His death is a matter between you and the law. I didn't see anything. And wouldn't say so if I did." (Disposition 50, Cunius is dead)

People in Caldera will say:

"I don't know anything about it. Other folk can say all they want, but it's more than my life's worth to pass rumors about a rich man like Cunius Pelelius."
"Cunius Pelelius owns part of the Caldera Mine. He's a man of wealth and influence."
"Yes. I heard about his death. Unfortunate." (If Cunius is dead)

People in the Caldera Mine will say:

"Cunius Pelelius runs the Caldera Mine. He's a rich man, and powerful."
"He's dead, you say? Sorry to hear it." (If Cunius is dead)

Slaves in the Caldera Mine will say:

"I am afraid. I cannot speak about this... rumor."
"I am afraid. If I speak about Cunius Pelelius and his smuggling raw ebony, then someone might hear." (Disposition 55)
"Dead? We did not know. We know nothing." (If Cunius is dead)
Cure Skooma Addict
"The Khajiit know there is no cure for a Khajiit who has bred skooma in his blood. This one has heard of a book where a Dunmer claims to have been cured of skooma addiction. I have not seen such a book. And how could a Dunmer know more than a Khajiit where skooma and Khajiit are concerned?"
"I have not heard that there is a cure for skooma addiction. The Khajiit themselves say there is no cure, and they should know. But there is a book I have heard of, 'Confessions of a Dunmer Skooma-Eater,' which claims to be a memoir of a Dunmer woman who overcame her addiction to skooma. This book praises skooma, and says that skooma addicts are not necessarily foolish or evil. Dunmer won't carry such a book. Try Vivec, Jobasha's Rare Books, in the Foreign Quarter."
Cure Spells
"Cure spells remove diseases, poisons, and incapacitation spell effects from the victim. The most common restoration spells of this kind are: cure common disease, cure blight disease, cure poison, and cure paralysis."
Current Events
"Let me tell you about current events. The Great Houses are always fighting each other in the Great House Wars. There's always trouble between outlanders -- non-Dunmer Imperial colonists -- and the Dunmer natives. The Temple is at war with a rebellious faction called the Dissident Priests. A secret cult called the Sixth House is killing Imperial citizens. Misshapen monsters and diseases called 'blight disease' are spreading from Red Mountain, a volcano where the Devil Dagoth Ur and his ash vampires live."
"Misshapen monsters and diseases called 'blight disease' are spreading from Red Mountain, a volcano where the Devil Dagoth Ur and his ash vampires live. The settled regions are safe enough, but outside the towns and villages travel is becoming dangerous."
"A secret cult called the Sixth House is killing outlanders. No one knows anything about the cult, but outlanders keep dying under suspicious circumstances."
"The Temple is at war with a rebellious faction called the Dissident Priests. Ordinators persecute and imprison the Dissident priests, which has driven them underground."
"There's always trouble between outlanders -- non-Dunmer Imperial colonists -- and the Dunmer natives. Often it just appears to be common theft and crime, but racial and cultural hatreds often lie behind the violence."
"The Great Houses are always fighting each other in the Great House Wars. Rarely do the conflicts break out into open war. Instead the battles go on quietly, behind the scenes."
"Cyrodiil is the cradle of Human Imperial high culture on Tamriel. It is the largest region of the continent, and most is endless jungle. The Imperial City is in the heartland, the fertile Nibenay Valley. The densely populated central valley is surrounded by wild rain forests drained by great rivers into the swamps of Argonia and Topal Bay. The land rises gradually to the west and sharply to the north. Between its western coast and its central valley are deciduous forests and mangrove swamps."
Cyrodiilic Brandy
"Cyrodiilic brandy, an invigorating and stimulating alcoholic beverage, is imported and expensive in Morrowind, but it is claimed to have none of the unpleasant side effects of other intoxicants. I hear it fortifies Willpower and Endurance. I don't know, myself... I save this for paying customers."

*Note: This topic is never introduced in conversation and will never appear in-game.