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Elam Andas (elam andas)
Home City Vivec, Temple Canton
Location Office of the Watch
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level 17 Class Crusader
Other Information
Health 161 Magicka 116
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Faction(s) Tribunal Temple Curate(Curate)
Elam Andas

Elam Andas is a leading Ordinator, who can be found in the Office of the Watch in Vivec's Temple Canton. He is gravely concerned by a number of recent mysterious killings.

Elam wears an expensive shirt with matching pants and an Indoril cuirass with matching boots, gauntlets, pauldrons, and belt. He also carries an ebony mace and an Indoril shield.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Ask Elam Andas about "work" to start the quest.

"We've had seven killings in Vivec recently. All the victims had their throats slit. Most did not appear to have struggled. Five victims were outlanders. Two were Ordinators. The two Ordinators were armed and on duty. Their weapons were still in their belts. Nothing was removed from the victim's [sic] bodies."
"I cannot hire you. Only Ordinators may serve the Watch. But if you can find this killer, and execute him, I personally promise you a very handsome reward. I require no commitment from you. Indeed, I cannot officially accept one. But if you are interested, I can tell you what we know about the seven victims and the reports of witnesses."

You can then ask him for more information:

seven victims:
"None of the five outlander victims had been on Vvardenfell longer than a week. Two were found in Foreign Quarters corridors, one on Foreign Quarter Canalside, one in a Hlaalu Compound corridor, and one in the water by the Arena. All were armed. Only one, a mage, appears to have put up a fight. All had their throats slit with a dagger. Until the two Ordinators were killed, we thought it might be an anti-Imperial fanatic. And it still might be."
"The two Ordinators were found dead near the victim at Hlaalu Compound, and we think they coincidentally interrupted the killer at work. Both had their throats slit with a dagger. That neither Ordinator had drawn a weapon is extremely unsettling. It suggests either extraordinary stealth, or a very powerful sorcerer. That's all we know about the victims. And there's not much information from witnesses, either."
"There are no witnesses to any of the killings. But in Hlaalu compound, at about the same time as one of the killings, an outlander reported being threatened by Dunmer woman [sic] armed with a dagger. It was dark, and the outlander transported magically to safety, so he couldn't give us a very clear description. But he was sure the Dunmer woman with a dagger was dressed in a skirt and netch leather armor."
Dunmer woman with a dagger or woman with a dagger:
"Yes. That's the only description we have. A Dunmer woman with a dagger, in a skirt and netch leather armor."

After you have asked around the cantons, found, and killed the Dreamer Prophet behind the attacks, you can return to Elam to complete the quest.

"According to your report, the Dunmer woman you killed matches the description given us [sic]. We'll dispatch Ordinators to follow up, but I believe you have identified and executed the killer. On behalf of the city, and of the Office of the Watch, thank you. And now, for the reward I promised. I'll give you a choice. You may either have an Indoril helm and cuirass, or a Belt of the Armor of God."
"The helm and cuirass are heavy armor [sic], and useful only to a strong fighter. These items belonged to one of the Ordinators who were killed, and it is fitting that they should reward the one who avenged his murder. However, we ask that you do not wear this armor in Vivec City, for you may be mistaken for an Ordinator and guard. Alternatively, the Belt of the Armor of God provides magical armor and improves resistance against hostile spells, and should be useful for any adventurer. Which would you like?"
I'd like the helm and cuirass.
"Very good. Please accept the helm and cuirass, with our thanks. And accept, on behalf of Vivec City, our thanks for ridding us of this dangerous killer."
[Indoril Cuirass has been added to your inventory.]
[Indoril Helmet has been added to your inventory.]
I'd like the belt.
"Very good. Please accept the belt, with our thanks. And accept, on behalf of Vivec City, our thanks for ridding us of this dangerous killer."
[Belt of the Armor of God has been added to your inventory.]


  • Greetings:
    • "I am Elam Andas, chief of Vivec's Order of the Watch. Do you have questions about my trade? Or are you here looking for work?"
    • "Is this about the work I mentioned? Or did you have other questions?"

  • work:
    • (At any time during the quest) "As I said, I cannot hire you for this task. But if you find and execute the killer, when you return to report your success to me, I promise you a handsome reward."
    • (After having completed the quest) "I am grateful for the work you did for us. But I'm afraid I have no more work for you. Thank you anyway."


  • Elam Andas belongs to the Andas family, which has their own ancestral tomb.
  • Despite what he says, the Indoril helm and cuirass that he gives you are medium armor, not heavy armor.