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Value 1 Weight 0.2
Alchemy Effects
1st Restore Fatigue Restore Fatigue
# Samples 180

Bread is a very common item sold by innkeepers and publicans everywhere. Most of them have a supply, though Agning at the Six Fishes in Ebonheart is the only vendor in the base game who keeps a restocking supply. It can also be found in containers and on tables both in inns and taverns and also in people's private homes, or even in crates out on the streets. It is not the most useful of ingredients, having only one effect which is fairly common in other ingredients, but it is very easy to find.



The following vendors keep a restocking supply:


  • There is one special bread with a different ID: ingred_bread_01_UNI2. This is found in Balyn Omavel's House in Balmora after you complete Mephala's Quest. The only difference between this and regular bread is the ID, which was only done so that the bread could be scripted to appear after the quest. However, one side-effect of this is that this one loaf of bread will not stack with others, and you can combine it with regular bread to make a Restore Fatigue potion.
  • Another special bread can be found called "Muffin" (ID: ingred_bread_01_UNI3). It is also identical to bread. It is carried by Gakkenfeld at the Gro-Bagrat Plantation.