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Gro-Bagrat Plantation
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# of Zones 1
Console Location Code(s)
Gro-Bagrat Plantation
Ascadian Isles, [3,-8]
Gro-Bagrat Plantation

Gro-Bagrat Plantation is a plantation home north of Vivec.

It is the home of the Camonna Tong thug Gurak gro-Bagrat. Five guards are on the premises, though there are no farmers in sight.

The main crop on the plantation is the shrub Willow Anther, and there is a Skooma factory in the basement.

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Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Dreggs Male Orc Warrior 10 134 74 60 60
Fevasa Saryon Female Dark Elf Herder 4 60 84 30 30
Gakkenfeld Male Orc Warrior 10 134 74 50 60
Gurak gro-Bagrat Male Orc Smuggler 15 141 82 40 90
Irvama Othrelas Female Dark Elf Herder 4 60 84 30 30
Llaynasa Othran Female Dark Elf Smuggler Camonna Tong Brute(Brute) 12 108 98 30 10
Velsa Salaron Female Dark Elf Alchemist Camonna Tong Bully(Bully) 4 47 120 40 90