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Bonemold, also known as Great House armor, is an expensive medium weight armor which can generally only be afforded by Morrowind's Dunmer nobles. The armor is composed of bones which are artificially shaped and assembled before being fixed with resin glues. There are a variety of Bonemold designs for each of the various houses. The book Bone tells the story of their invention.

While principally used to create armor, Bonemold is also useful in the creation of Marksman weapons (bows, arrows, and bolts). It is strong yet flexible, making it ideal for this sort of application, and Bonemold Long Bows are surpassed only by such rare items as the Daedric Long Bow and Auriel's Bow in terms of their power. Bonemold Long Bows actually exceed all others in terms of enchantability.

In the official plugin Entertainers, a Bonemold Shield (of any kind, excluding custom-enchanted ones) is needed to dance "the handy high-kick", a traditional Dunmer dance.


Bonemold Armor (Gah-Julan on left, Armun-An on right)

There are several types of Bonemold Armor:

  • The standard Bonemold Armor is the most common, and is readily available everywhere.
  • Armun-An Bonemold Armor is favored by House Hlaalu and House Telvanni. The Cuirass is identical to the standard Bonemold Cuirass in appearance and stats. The other pieces (Helm and Pauldrons) are also identical in terms of stats, differing only in appearance.
  • Gah-Julan Bonemold Armor is favored by House Redoran. All of the pieces with this name (Cuirass, Helm, and Pauldrons) are different in appearance. The helm provides slightly less protection than standard Bonemold Armor, but the cuirass and pauldrons provide a little more. The helm has a protective cowl against the frequent Ash Storms in Redoran territory.
  • House Shields: In addition to the standard Bonemold Shield, each of the three Great Houses has their own specialized Bonemold Shields (Hlaalu Guard Shield, Redoran Guard Shield, and Telvanni Guard Shield), which are carried by most of the guards in Great House affiliated cities and towns.
  • Special helms: The Chuzei type is uncommon, and is not favored by any particular faction; it is rather flat-topped, with a collar. The also uncommon Redoran Founder's Helm has the same stats as the regular one, except a tiny bit more weight despite looking the same as the regular helm. The odd-looking but valuable Redoran Master Helm is a rarity, exclusive to nobles, and only a few exist in the game (a Thieves Guild quest will have you steal one, and you can find another while looting Under Skar manors in Ald'ruhn). It provides markedly more protection for little additional weight, and is slightly more enchantable. It is tied with the Indoril Helm as the best Medium-class helm in the game without the official expansions (the Adamantium Helm added by Tribunal expansion and Adamantium Armor plugin is half-again as strong, while the Ice Armor Helmet added by Bloodmoon is a little better than the Master Helm; both the Adamantium and Ice ones are wearable by beast races, unlike Bonemold helms of any kind).
Name ID         Enchant
Base Bonemold Armor (Medium Armor)
Totals 91.4 1710 1330 120.2
Standard armor, male
Standard armor, female
  Bonemold Helm bonemold_helm 4.0 180 150 18 20
  Bonemold Cuirass bonemold_cuirass 24.0 480 350 16 16
  Bonemold L Pauldron
Bonemold R Pauldron
8.0 150 120 15 1.6
  Bonemold Left Bracer
Bonemold Right Bracer
4.0 75 50 15 16
  Bonemold Greaves bonemold_greaves 13.4 150 220 15 2
  Bonemold Boots bonemold_boots 16.0 150 100 15 7
  Bonemold Shield bonemold_shield 10.0 300 170 15 40
Armun-An Bonemold Armor
  Native Armun-An Bonemold Helm bonemold_armun-an_helm 4.0 180 150 18 20
Armun-An armor, male
Armun-An armor, female
  Armun-An Bonemold Cuirass bonemold_armun-an_cuirass 24.0 480 350 16 16
  Armun-An Bonemold L Pauldron
Armun-An Bonemold R Pauldron
8.0 150 120 15 1.6
Gah-Julan Bonemold Armor
  Native Gah-Julan Bonemold Helm bonemold_gah-julan_helm 4.0 160 165 16 20
Gah-Julan armor, male
Gah-Julan armor, female
  Gah-Julan Bonemold Cuirass bonemold_gah-julan_cuirass 24.0 510 360 17 16
  Gah-Julan Bonemold L Pauldron
Gah-Julan Bonemold R Pauldron
8.0 170 140 17 1.6
Other Items
  Native Chuzei Bonemold Helm bonemold_chuzei_helm 4.0 170 175 17 20
House shields: Hlaalu, Redoran, and Telvanni
  Redoran Founder's Helm bonemold_founders_helm 4.4 180 150 18 20
  Redoran Master Helm redoran_master_helm 4.5 450 3,000 45 22.5
  Bonemold Tower Shield bonemold_towershield 13.0 340 250 17 60
  Hlaalu Guard Shield bonemold_tshield_hlaaluguard 13.0 340 250 17 60
  Redoran Guard Shield bonemold_tshield_redoranguard 13.0 340 250 17 60
  Telvanni Guard Shield bonemold_tshield_telvanniguard 13.0 340 250 17 60

Special Armor ItemsEdit

Bonemold Cuirass
Gah-Julan Bonemold Cuirass
Bonemold Helmet
Native Gah-Julan Bonemold Helm
Bonemold Left Bracer
Bonemold Right Bracer
Bonemold Shield
Bonemold Tower Shield
Redoran Guard Shield


Bonemold Weapons
Name ID       Damage Enchant
  Bonemold Arrow bonemold arrow 0.15 2 1 − 4
  Bonemold Bolt bonemold bolt 0.15 2 3 − 4
  Bonemold Long Bow bonemold long bow 7.0 700 250 1 − 30 40

Special Weapon ItemsEdit

Bonemold Arrow
Bonemold Bolt