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Lore:Words of Donovan Jarnot, Daggerfall Covenant soldier

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Words of Donovan Jarnot, Daggerfall Covenant soldier
The thoughts of a soldier fighting in the Alliance War

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"I'm not so scared of war anymore. Turns out a lot of the stories they told back home aren't even true. I haven't seen any invincible Altmer mages wearing nothing but lightning or Dunmer gods flying above the battlefield raining down death, and I've killed a bunch of Argonians without their blood melting my sword. I'm much more afraid of being hit by fiery debris from one of these catapults or getting skewered by a ballista bolt, in truth.
I have seen the Daedra pouring out of Coldharbour, though, and I know we have to stop it somehow. We can't let what's happened to Cyrodiil happen to our homes in High Rock, and the best place to start will be winning this war and bringing some order back to Tamriel. I try to focus on one thing at a time though. Here, give me a hand fixing this thing up—we attack at dawn."