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Lore:We Reject the Pact

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We Reject the Pact
House Telvanni's formal refusal to join the Ebonheart Pact

With salutations, appreciation, and deep respect to the Mercymother, the Master, and the Father of Mysteries, we the undersigned summarily reject the offer to join the Ebonheart Pact alongside the other Great Houses of Morrowind.

House Telvanni stands alone.

Our august body has been a bastion of power and excellence since Vvardenfell was young. Before the excavation of the Library of Andule, the Escharotic Schism, the War of the First Council, the Battle of Red Mountain, or the disappearance of the hated Dwemer, we have kept our own council and chosen our own path.

Telvanni lands east of the Stonefalls region and north of Deshaan will remain held in trust by the Council, and any attempt by Pact forces to enter these holdings will be met with a swift and vigorous rebuke.

Attached to this missive, please find several codices outlining our recommendations regarding trade, defense, maritime navigation, taxation, embassy rights, and travel protocols surrounding the ancient city of Necrom.

Our coterie of representatives from the Barristers Guild will be in touch.

Archmagister Nelos Otheri

Master Baro, Mistress Dratha, Magister Meln (in absentia), Magister Gothren, Master Firuth, Magister Therana, Master Marena, Mistress Arys, Magister Givyn, Magister Sildreth

Divath Fyr, Consulting

"The forceful expression of will gives true honor to the Ancestors."