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General Warhaft
General Warhaft after the Imperial Simulacrum
Race Unknown Gender Male
Resided in Cyrodiil
Appears in Arena

General Warhaft was the general of the Imperial Guard under Emperor Uriel Septim VII, to whom he was both a loyal bodyguard and close friend.

He, along with the emperor, were betrayed by Imperial Battlemage Jagar Tharn and imprisoned in a realm of Oblivion in 3E 389, triggering the Imperial Simulacrum. The two were eventually rescued in 3E 399 by the Eternal Champion, who earned the General's "deepest respect".[1][nb 1]

Little else is known about the General. He commissioned the writing and publication of the Manuals of Arms and Armor to serve as guides to all officers of the Legion regarding their standard equipment.[2][3]


  • ^  In the Floppy Disk releases of Arena, Warhaft is shown leaving Oblivion with Uriel VII, and thanks the Champion for his service. In the CD-ROM releases of Arena, only Uriel VII is seen leaving Oblivion, with no mention of Warhaft whatsoever.
  • In Arena's opening sequence, Warhaft is named Talin.
  • A slide cut from Arena's opening sequence explains that the General, named Talin Warhaft, was originally intended to be the legal guardian of the Eternal Champion.