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Therana (Legends)
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Died 3E 427
Resided in Vvardenfell
Appears in Morrowind, ESO, Legends

Therana was a Telvanni Councilor who lived in Tel Branora on Vvardenfell. She was a calculating woman, but by 3E 427, had slipped into insanity, becoming unpredictable as a result.


Second EraEdit

In her youth, Therana was ambitious and abrasive, like many of her peers. In 2E 582, Therana became a magister of House Telvanni. Like other Telvanni in positions of power, she was an opportunist, and she had noticed the magical talent of an aspiring Argonian slave. This slave, named Sun-in-Shadow, studied magic in secrecy, yet had potential that surpassed even some Telvanni mages, despite what Therana saw as a racial handicap.[1] Sometime in 2E 582, her opportunity to use this upstart came, as the Argonian sought to elevate her status from a slave into a hireling of House Telvanni.[2]

Despite being an Argonian, Sun-in-Shadow sought to rise up through the ranks of House Telvanni, and enlisted the aid of an adventurer to take advantage of Therana's interest in her magical capabilities. The magister wanted to expand her territory of Tel Branora into the area around the ruins of Zaintiraris, a cursed Daedric ruin associated with Sheogorath. Her interest in the ruin was fueled by her desire to obtain the Finger Bone of Saint Felms, an artifact stowed away there. Unfortunately, the territory belonged to House Redoran, and a member of House Telvanni trespassing there could provoke a House war. The house-less adventurer retrieved the artifact from the ruins, and in return, Therana sponsored Sun-in-Shadow as a Hireling of House Telvanni.[2]

Third EraEdit

By the late Third Era, Therana had gone completely bonkers, presumably due to exposure from the Finger Bone of Saint Felms. She developed a number of interesting quirks, becoming easily distracted and very eccentric. The odd behavior she displayed included overcompensating adventurers for simple errands,[3] being enraged to the point of attempting to murder people for wearing her clothing,[4] considering a mistreated slave her husband and falling asleep mid-conversation.[5]

In 3E 427, Therana discovered the location of Auriel's Bow through unknown means, claiming she could smell its ash yam scent. The bow was claimed by Ralyn Othravel, an Ordinator stationed at Ghostgate, and was retrieved from the Ordinator's corpse by a hired Mouth of House Telvanni.[3]

Later that year, the Nerevarine sought to become the Telvanni Hortator, and required the approval of all Telvanni Councilors, which Therana provided without any difficulty.[6]

Therana made some enemies during her time as Councilor, causing a high-level Telvanni affair between her and Trerayna Dalen, who planned to lay siege to her tower. Therana refused to allow her peacekeeper, Mollimo of Cloudrest, to fulfill his duty, so he resorted to hiring an adventurer to kill Trerayna and her bodyguards.[7] Unfortunately, Therana's luck would run out, as someone hated her enough to issue a writ of execution for the sum of 10,000 gold, and requested the Grandmaster of the Morag Tong execute her. She was finally slain,[8] and Auriel's Bow would be retrieved from her corpse and later sold to Torasa Aram, who put it on display in her Museum of Artifacts in Mournhold.[9]

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