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Lore:The Insatiable

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The Insatiable
Instructions on how to summon the embodiment of ceaseless hunger

Daedra are creatures of purpose. They embody a need to be fulfilled. Why? Only the Princes know for certain, but to those who would wield these beings' power as their own, understanding their purpose is paramount. One does not conjure a clannfear to aid in ritual matters or a scamp to slay a giant.

It is no different with the creature known as the Insatiable. One does not call upon an embodiment of ceaseless hunger without understanding that its purpose is to consume. It has no other. Once unleashed it will obey no command and offer no council, its only desire is to stalk and devour the living. It will snatch away prey to its den and savor their innards in an excruciatingly slow feast through which its victims survive far longer than anyone would imagine. Some believe it enjoys the taste of fear, as it tends to leave the remains of its victims among the herd, leaving little doubt that there is a predator among them.

If your desire is to see a place stripped of life and wracked by terror, knowing that there can be no appeasing the monster once it has been given flesh, this is the offering you must make:

-Lay out the corpse of a Man or Mer who succumbed to starvation.
-Cut out its tongue and place it back in the mouth facing the gullet.
-Wash the tongue down its throat with the blood of a fattened mortal. It may take some doing.
-Burn tallow candles around the prepared corpse, at least a half dozen.
-When the last flame has guttered out the tongue will slither out from the corpse and nest in the melted fat.
-In three days time, the Insatiable will sprout from this bloated cocoon and begin its terrible work. Linger at your own peril.