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High King Temylda
Race Nord Gender Male
Previous Ruler Irthvyd the Impassive
Next Ruler Alldimar
Resided in Solitude
Blue Palace

High King Temylda was a High King of Solitude during the late First Era. Temylda was a senior advisor to Irthvyd the Impassive, the previous High King of the Nords. When Irthvyd refused both a spouse and the possibility of blood heirs, Temylda eventually became the High King after defeating several jarls in single combat. Little is known of Temylda's reign.[1]

Temylda's reign ended forty years before a new High King named Alldimar the Ghostmaker took took the throne through violent means, succeeding in taking the title from an untested child heir due to his battle tactics and arcane knowledge that most Nords would disdain. Although Alldimar's ascent was bloody, peace spread throughout the land during his rule.[1]

Tales of Temylda's reign were compiled by Erisa Sylbenitte of the Coterie of Organized Scholars at some point before 2E 582.[1]

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