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High King Alldimar
Race Nord Gender Male
Previous Ruler Temylda
Resided in Solitude
Blue Palace

High King Alldimar the Ghostmaker was a Nord ruler of Skyrim. He became the High King of Solitude through violent means. He had been a seasoned warrior and had engaged in numerous skirmishes against the Reachfolk prior to ascending to the throne. Forty years after the death of Temylda, Alldimar seized the throne toppling an untested child heir to claim his rule. The name of this child was lost to history.[1]

Despite his blood-drenched ascent, he proved to be a wise and effective ruler, bringing peace to the land. However, strange incidents began to occur throughout the city, and servants in the Blue Palace reported hearing strange chanting and seeing their liege talking to someone who wasn't there. Accidents claimed the lives of many people in Solitude, and rumors about Alldimar and his advisor, Freiretta, began to spread. Soon after his death, a secret compartment in his room was discovered containing the skulls of every victim of the past year. The purpose of this collection remained unknown for generations, but the displaced remains were given proper rites by priests.[1]

Even after Alldimar's death, rumors of strange occurrences within the Blue Palace continued to persist. Tales of Alldimar's reign were compiled by Erisa Sylbenitte of the Coterie of Organized Scholars at some point before 2E 582.[1]

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