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High King Irthvyd
Race Nord Gender Male
Previous Ruler Roleke
Next Ruler Temylda
Resided in Solitude
Blue Palace

High King Irthvyd the Impassive was a High King of Solitude during the late First Era.[1]

Initialy he was known as a young jarl who rose to prominence among the Nords during the reign of High Queen Roleke. The historical records do not contain any information about which hold Irthvyd the Impassive hailed from. His stoic reserve and calm presence earned him the title of "the Impassive." Irthvyd played crucial role in restoring order in Solitude after Roleke's brutal executions. Later, when the people of Solitude rose up against the ruling High Queen Roleke, Irthvyd and his warriors heard of the rising disquiet and headed toward the city. According to legends and oral tradition, Kyne herself appeared to him and stated that Roleke had died at the hands of her progeny only hours before his arrival. All her children died during the siege, from her own hands, leaving the Solitude with no High King, Queen or any blood heirs. Few hours later, Irthvyd was crowned the new High King of Solitude with the favor of the Godess.[1]

Irthvyd was remembered as a good king. His steady rule brought peace to the holds after years of Roleke's bloody reign.[1]

Despite his successful reign, Irthvyd remained unmarried and refused both a spouse and the possibility of blood heirs. When he became middle-aged, the lack of heirs raised questions among the Nord royalty. Eventually, his title passed to his most senior advisor, Temylda, who won it in single combat against several jarls.[1]

The story of Irthvyd's rise to power and peaceful reign became a part of Nord folklore and oral tradition, and it was later compiled by Erisa Sylbenitte of the Coterie of Organized Scholars at some point before 2E 582.[1]

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