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Lore:Resonance Crystal

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Yellow Resonance Crystals
Cerulean Resonance Crystal

Resonance Crystal, (also called Resonance Gem)[1] is a kind of crystal known for its ability to amplify nearby noises and emit light. Resonance crystals are known to exist in various colors, including those exhibiting yellow and cerulean hues.[2][3]

Within Breton society, these crystals were employed in mining operations to enhance the sounds within the mines, serving as early warnings of potential collapses. Additionally, they were utilized to amplify the strength and range of magic of thaumavocalists, and the overall volume of music and songs.[4][5] Beyond their functional applications, resonance crystals were valued for their decorative potential, often incorporated into furniture pieces or featured as central elements in jewelry such as rings.[2][6]

Resonance Gems were also used by the Dwemer.[1][7]


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