Lore:Pothole Caverns

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Pothole Caverns
Type Cave
Continent Tamriel
Province Cyrodiil
Region Great Forest
Appears in Oblivion, ESO
Pothole Caverns circa 3E 433

Pothole Caverns is a natural cave network found deep in the Great Forest of Cyrodiil, about halfway along the Green Road between Bravil and the Imperial City.

Like all natural caves, these tunnels once served as the capillaries of Nirn, pulsing with the divine essence of the Aedra.[1] Some say that the Ayleids once used the place as a mausoleum, and the caverns have been associated with the undead ever since.[1] The limestone architecture present around the cave's exterior during the mid-Second Era proves that the Ayleids had some presence here,[2] although by the late Third Era no sign of these structures remained.[3]

During the Planemeld of 2E 582, Pothole Caverns were occupied by a Circle of the Shadowed Path, a cult of necromancers dedicated to Molag Bal. This Circle was led by Diabolist Vethisa and had been sent to the cave in search of an ancient relic buried beneath the ground, which the cult planned to use to conquer the Imperial City and all of Cyrodiil in the name of Molag Bal.[4][5][6] Despite filling the excavated caves with cultists and undead, Vethisa was ultimately killed by passing Alliance War soldiers.[7]

By the end of the Third Era circa 3E 433, the cave was once again occupied by necromancers, this time the Order of the Black Worm. The cultists were well established, having set up traps throughout the tunnels as well as prison cells for their captives and a necromantic hall of worship in the main chamber.[3]


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