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Lore:Orcs: The Vermin Among Us

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Orcs: The Vermin Among Us
A racist pamphlet criticizing the Orcs and their membership in the Daggerfall Covenant

They lair in holes. They breed in huge numbers, and smell of rotted meat. I speak not of skeevers, gentle reader, but of Orcs. The threat on the horizon, the unrelenting horde. "But Sorick," I hear you saying, "are they not our allies now?" It's good that you want to believe in the leadership of King Emeric. It's good that you want to believe in this Covenant that now binds us to the beastmen of Orsinium.

But in truth, your belief is foolish. Your trust in the king is misplaced. For these subhumans have a cruel and vicious cunning. Like a hunting wolf pack, the Orcs lie still in the tall grass. They wait for us to let down our guard. Even great men like His Majesty can be misled by this simple tactic.

They now walk among us. They serve in the honored Lion Guard. They take work as sellswords, protecting our wealthiest merchants. They infiltrate our temples as bodyguards for holy men. Gentle reader, do you not see? Can't you see how every luxury we give these animals only encourages them? Every opportunity is just another opening in our armor for their rough-hewn blades to pierce!

With their unnatural strength, they take up work that should be borne by Breton shoulders. The thickness of their stinking hides gives them a defense that no Redguard man can stand against. In cities across Covenant lands, stories grow of Orcs defiling our women and siring unnatural half-breeds!

How long will you let this stand, reader? How long will you bend a knee to these filthy animals? I say, no more! Join with like-minded people in your village today, and rise up against these beasts. These scum. These … Orcs.